July 22, 2024

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Dark “Kreuzwege/Crossroads”

Season One, Episode Seven.

You know, some of the characters on this show are turning out to be a bit smarter than expected.

See, Mikkel in 1986 took a while to figure out he was obviously in 1986.  Mikkel is 12 or so.  He should be smarter than that.

But other people, well, they are smarter than that.  That leads me to Ulrich and Jonas.

OK, granted, Ulrich is stupid in other ways.  Katharina knows he was screwing around with Hannah.  His efforts to get some information out of elderly Helge Doppler get him suspended because Helge is an out-of-it old man in a nursing home.  But then his mom says something about a man with a distinctive facial scar she saw back when Mads Nielsen disappeared in 1986, arguing with a priest.  Why bring that up?  Jana Nielsen thinks she saw the priest again, and he looks exactly the same.

Yeah, Ulrich is starting to suspect time travel.

Likewise, his boss, Police Chief Charlotte Doppler can finally search the power plant’s grounds.  She finds a door that’s sealed shut, and the plans for the place show a series of tunnels that run under an old cabin in the woods.

Helge owns that cabin.

OK, this may be getting somewhere.

But over in 1986, when we aren’t checking in with Egon both failing to get an interview with a somewhat suspicious Helge and Katharina trying to really assure the cops Ulrich didn’t rape her, we see Jonas doing his own investigation.  He finds his grandmother Ines’ place of employment, runs afoul of Egon himself (he has to explain earbuds to the cop), and finally finds Mikkel.  And yeah, he’d love to take Mikkel back to 2019.

That would be about the time the Stranger just shows up to point out that if Jonas does that, he will cease to exist because Mikkel is his father.

And yes, Jonas is told explicitly he made out with his aunt.


Anyway, Jonas opts to just return to 2019, which apparently is pretty easy when you have a map or something.

So, yes, these people might be a bit smarter when it comes to time travel than I thought.  At least Jonas recognizes people he knows when they are much younger than they usually are.