July 15, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Code Of Honor”

Season Four, Episode One.

So, we have a problem of too many Paladins right now.  Can we solve that please?

Yeah, and without too much trouble.

See, Keith is spending a lot of time with the Blade of Marmora.  And while the Blade is a much more self-sacrificing type of group, unlike the “save everybody” thing the Paladins usually do, they are getting somewhere.  And it turns out the Blade might be getting somewhere since they may be finding a Quintessence pipeline.

But that means Keith is spending less time with the other Paladins, meaning no Black Lion and no Voltron.  Sure, much of it is being honored for being awesome, but what happens when there’s an important  Blade mission and a refugee caravan is attacked by the Galra at the same time?

Well, good news there!  The Blade mission was a Galra trap and…wait, that’s not good news.  It killed an important member of the group.  Keith barely survived himself.  Maybe he should have listened to Allura now that she seems to have forgotten her Space Racism.

I am not letting that go.

No, the real good news is the Black Lion again accept Shiro as its pilot, so Voltron can again save the day.

As for Keith, he decides to leave the Paladins to work with the Blade of Marmora so this won’t happen again.  That leads to a group hug because, well, he was sincere in wanting to help and the Blade does do good work.

Meanwhile, it appears Lotor is unaware his father is awake again.  Huh.