April 14, 2024

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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance “She Knows All The Secrets”

Season One, Episode Five.

OK, finally we have a resistance…

What took so long?  Actually, I have a better question:  how the heck did the Chamberlain catch up to the Hunter?  The Hunter caught Rian between episodes, but then the Chamberlain is just…there, and he manages to convince the Hunter to give up the prize, suggesting the Hunter can have Rian later.

So, that means a carriage ride back to the Skeksis castle.  It’s a bad trip.  The Chamberlain even drinks the last of Mira’s essence and smashes the bottle it came from.

Wait, did I say it was a bad trip?  Yeah, it started off bad for Rian, but then got a lot worse for the Chamberlain because Naia freed her brother Gurjin and then they both rescued Rian in a manner that suggested those three managed to invent the motorcycle chase on Thra.

Let it be said there’s some really cool design stuff going on on this show.

And then, over in other places, Brea is showing her mother the secret chamber with Lore, Deet and Hup manage to disguise their way into a meeting with Brea’s sister Seladon, and Aughra finally gets through to the planet through the Sanctuary Tree.  Once Rian opts to Dream Fast to catch his friends up, while Brea and Deet do the same with the Gelflings in their area, everybody finally…comes together to form a resistance!

It’s about freakin’ time.

Now, Aughra knows what’s what, so she can set some tasks.  Rian, Deet, and Brea need to take Lore to the Circle of Suns to do…something.  The rest need to alert the other Gelfling tribes and try to get an army up.

Well, there is one problem.  See, the Skeksis are visiting Brea’s castle to get some…volunteers for a rebellion that doesn’t exist.  And Seladon, well, she doesn’t believe the Skeksis are bad, possibly because she is an idiot.  Her mother and both her sisters see the truth.  What is wrong with Seladon?

Well, point is, the All-Maudra goes out to stop the Skeksis from taking the volunteers, and apparently asserting authority by yelling at them doesn’t really work because the General just kills her.  That makes Seladon the new All Maudra because…um, that is a good question.  Why?

Doesn’t matter.  She has all the other present heroes arrested for treason and the Skeksis still leave with the volunteers.

So, looks like the Resistance is off to a good start.