May 27, 2024

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The Boys “The Self-Preservation Society”

Season One, Episode Seven.

The Deep is not taking too well in his new home in Sandusky, Ohio.  A young woman does stuff to his chest gills, and he can’t even effectively rescue a lobster from the supermarket.

But he’s a terrible person, so F that guy.

Meanwhile, the Boys are back in hiding while the Seven (or now, the Five) hold a meeting.  Homelander called it.  He’s worried that someone is out to get them, and the others are slacking off.

You know, except for Black Noir.  He’s doing just fine.

Why hold a meeting?  Well, now that Homelander has pictures of the Boys, he can make some accusations.  There’s Hughie, meeting A-Train and dating Starlight.  She’s as surprised as anyone, especially as A-Train realizes these are the guys who blackmailed Popclaw, leading to her death (at his hands, but semantics).  About the only thing stopping Homelander from making worse accusations against a befuddled Starlight is Queen Maeve stepping in.

But Black Noir is still cool.  Don’t forget that.

If they do the Black Noir twist from the comics, I will be very impressed, but that’s way down the road at this point.

But it doesn’t take long for the Boys to learn their cover’s been blown and they go into hiding.  Butcher wants to blame Hughie since he and Starlight are…very close.  But then MM realizes that there’s no way Starlight could have made MM, so that means an alternative…and that would be Mesmer.  Hughie isn’t quite off the hook and he spends a good chunk of the episode trying to call Annie.

He also takes a call from his dad.  Or he thinks he does.  A-Train is the one calling.  Hughie’s dad will die if Hughie doesn’t surrender himself to A-Train and come alone.

Of course, by now, Frenchie told his girlfriends to go underground and MM retrieved his very angry ex and their daughter.  Once Hughie’s dad is safe, maybe the Boys can plan a move.

That turns out to go well because Hughie is smart.  Once his dad is safe, he tempts A-Train with some Compound V.  Was it dumb for Hughie to come alone?  Obviously.  That’s why he had the Female sneak through a vent and break A-Train’s leg.

Butcher eventually relents on giving stuff to the CIA to get the loved ones to safety.  Sure, they won’t go after Homelander, but they can take on Vought for everything else.  And they try!  They really do!

But there are two more problems.  One is Homelander recognizes Butcher because he did something with Becca, Billy’s wife.  She became pregnant, and the scientist who raised Homelander in a lab (said scientist called this his biggest mistake) said Becca died from giving birth to a Homelander baby, and the baby died seconds later.

Second problem:  the CIA learns threatening Vought over the bill to get the military to take supes won’t be so easy when they have evidence there are legitimate superhuman terrorists out there.

Well, this is the next to the last episode for the season.  It only makes sense that there’s a lot tossed out all at once.  Anything else?

Oh yeah.  Annie agrees to meet Hughie, and since he more or less tells her the truth about, you know, killing Translucent and other things, she opts to take him to the cops (the Seven would just kill him).  That would be when Butcher shoots her with a high-powered rifle in order for Hughie to get away.

Don’t worry.  I think she’s fine.

Better than Mesmer anyway.  Butcher beat him to death in a public restroom.