August 16, 2022

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Dark “Sic Mundus Creatus Est”

Season One, Episode Six.

Hey, cool.  An episode title that isn’t in German!

It’s in Latin!  It apparently means “Thus the world was created”.

I know so many people who would be bothered by that passive voice translation…

OK, so, life goes on in Winden.  Everyone is still looking for Mikkel when you can see him as plain as day in a school photo from 1986.  The Nielsen family is falling apart as Katharina and Martha clash a bit, but they make up later.  Plus, Katharine probably knows Ulrich was screwing around with known screwball Hannah.  That’s what happens when your wife checks out the phone bill and sees exactly who he was calling and how often.

Then again, Ulrich only just learns this episode from Regina that Hannah was the one to report Ulrich to Egon Tiedemann for sexual assault back in 1986.  He’d thought Regina was responsible for that.

He also learned Regina was the last person to see his long-missing brother Mads and his own father Tronte was screwing around with Regina’s mother Claudia.

Do all the Nielsen men screw around on their wives?

And why do I feel like I need a road map to figure out who’s screwing around with whom?

But then again, someone gave Jonas a map to the caves.  There’s a door down there with a Latin inscription on it.  It’s a little hard to open up, but once on the other side…

Well, if we wanted to see the characters realize there’s time travel involved, we have some hints of it right now.

In 2019, Ulrich figures out the dead boy in the 80s attire missing the upper half of his face is his long missing brother Mads.

And in 1986, Jonas figures out pretty quickly where he is from spotting some posters asking for information on Mads.  Oh, and a van pulls up with 14 year old Hannah inside with her father, offering him a ride, and it sure does look like Jonas, unlike Mikkel, recognizes his own family when he sees them even if they are multiple decades younger.

Methinks Jonas is the smart one here.

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