February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Face Of Evil Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Face of Evil," Episode Three.

OK, so, the Doctor left the Sevateem behind with one good weapon.  Meanwhile, he and Leela explore his own stone head carved into a mountain.

I am not sure this is the weirdest thing this show has ever done.

Regardless, it is weird.  The Doctor and Leela observe a guy in a space suit, well, disappear.  The Doctor realizes the wall the man walked through is fake.  He and Leela follow, but she doesn’t quite trust it.  That takes the pair up to the downed spaceship where all this started.

What is all this?  Well, the Doctor once tried to help this ship’s crew.  He reprogrammed the faulty computer, and only now has he realized that the act left a copy of his personality in the computer.  Ergo, the computer is schizophrenic.  Oh, and it’s conducting an experiment.  The Sevateem (survey team) were there to develop physically.  The Tesh (technicians) developed mentally.  And if that means the brainy Tesh with their knowledge and technological skills and psychic abilities could be helpful, well, no.  There’s still one episode left after this one.

Yeah, it turns out the Tesh do know the Doctor, but they think he’s Xoanon’s sidekick or something.  Leela they mentally stun and take off to experiment on.  When the Doctor objects, they do the same to him.

Good thing the Doctor has random stuff in his pockets he can use to escape.  Furthermore, it’s good Leela can fight because she soon takes out a Tesh and gets a ray gun.  By then, the Doctor has used the comm system to tell Neeva to bring the surviving Sevateem to the giant stone Doctor head.  Neeva’s pretty nuts right now.  Of course he’ll do it.  Besides, the one Sevateem guy with a ray gun has new problems:  the gun’s power is used up.

You know, I just gotta add, this breeding experiment isn’t working.  I mean, there seems to be one female on the entire planet.  That would be Leela.  I don’t see either group lasting much longer.

Anyway, the Doctor goes to fix the computer by hopefully removing the copy of himself from it.  Xoanon isn’t very friendly, and though Leela is fighting off armed Tesh, the Doctor isn’t getting very far.

The episode ends with Leela’s gun going dead and the Doctor unconscious again.

So, you know, typical day for the Fourth Doctor.