May 24, 2022

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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance “The First Thing I Remember Is Fire”

Season One, Episode Four.

You know, here I was, thinking this episode would only show that breaking a Podling out of prison proves to be pretty easy.  Or maybe something about that rock golem thing.

But then I saw it.  Something I never expected to see ever.  The one thing I didn’t think possible.  Yes, I saw an actual badass Skeksis.

There was also a somewhat badass Mystic called the Archer who met with a distraught Aughra and gave her some pointers on how to rediscover the Song of Thra.  Mostly it involves listening to the planet.

Or just not being a dumbass.  Brea realizes that the best way to rank the Gelfling tribes is to realize no tribe is better than the others, even if her own seems to be running all things Gelfling.  See, her mom was literally sitting on the secret to the secret.  Solve a riddle, bring a stone giant thing with some pre-recorded messages on it.  That would be Lore.  Lore will show Brea the way.

But, c’mon.  We’re four episodes in, and the closest we have to a resistance is Deet dressing up like a weird monster and scaring some guards away to break Hup out of prison.  Hup returns the favor by stopping her from stepping into a field of carnivorous…things.

Might want to remember the Gobbles for later.

OK, so, where is the Resistance?  Rian might be bringing one together if he can just get other Gelflings to Dreamfast with him and see his memories.  And, well, he finally finds some takers in the form of Brea’s sister Tarva, Gurjin’s twin sister Naia, a storyteller named Kylan, and even Rian’s dad Ordon.  And…they all believe him.  Mira was murdered by the Skeksis.  The group resolves to go about  things their own individual ways and try to organize something.

See?  A resistance!

They’ll need it!  The Skeksis have decided to start draining more Gelflings.  Only the Chamberlain and the Scientist think that maybe draining every single last Gelfling of their Essence is a bad idea because, you know, there’s a finite amount of that stuff.  But the Scientist finished the machine, perfecting it with a strap-down chair.  As for the Chamberlain, since Rian is still on the run, the Emperor demotes him and promotes the General to the number 2 position.  The General decides the best way to find Rian is to torture Gurjin.  That doesn’t work.  And the Emperor asks the Scientist how many Gelfling would make the Skeksis immortal.  The Scientist guesses 50 from each clan.

Oh, that will not go well.

But wait, I said there was a badass Skeksis.  Where is he?  The Chamberlain blows a horn to call…the Hunter!  A Skeksis so scary that even the other Skeksis are afraid of him!  Dude wears a helmet that looks like another Skeksis’ skull.  This guy can flip through trees, and easily finds Rian (a target he goes for when the Chamberlain said Rian made the Skeksis look bad).  This guy doesn’t dual-weld weapons.  He…does whatever twice that is because he’s good with a bladed weapon in each of his four hands!

Wait, the Skeksis have four arms?  Never mind.

The only way Rian escapes is when Ordon knocks him into the Gobbles field.

See, I told you to remember that.

But the Hunter…survived.  Ordon doesn’t, but the Hunter survives.  Rian makes another run for it, Deet seeing him and following along.  Hup maybe does too.  That guy is wicked with a wooden spoon.  Hunter better watch his bird-lizard ass!  He’ll get a spoonin’!

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