February 4, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “Thanksgiving Of Horror”

In which we get an anthology of scary stories about...Thanksgiving? Really? And not just about uncomfortable political discussions around the dinner table? OK, if you insist, Simpsons...

So, we just had a scary anthology episode with the annual Halloween show, but now we have another about Thanksgiving?  What gives?

Oh, just roll with it, Tommy…

In other news, this is the last episode the recently deceased Russi Taylor recorded, so let’s see if we get a good send-off for Martin Prince.

I am not sure this episode gave a good send-off to Martin Prince.  It gave a weird send-off to Martin Prince in what looked like an Alien parody where the survivors of Earth are flying through space in suspended animation pods.  The kids wake up early because of course they do, mostly so they can finish a lame assignment left over by the apparently dead Principal Skinner.  As they prep a final Thanksgiving feast, Bart opts to put a can of cranberry sauce into a matter duplicator despite many warnings to the contrary.  The sauce comes to life as a giant thing that eats bones, starting with the ones in Milhouse’s arm before moving on to whole skeletons with Nelson.  Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse manage to escape but then Martin pops up to show them an escape route, but by then Martin is crazy and just sacrificing them to the cranberry sauce monster, starting with himself.

But then Lisa figures out how to flush it out the airlock while it is smacking Milhouse around.  I’m not sure what happened to Milhouse, but the ship crashed and Homer, Marge, Maggie, and the dog woke up a new planet with friendly natives offering the serve the now-happy cranberry sauce to everyone.

The cat didn’t make it.

But that was a relatively normal segment.  The first one was apparently an Apocalypto parody where many of Springfield’s residents are turkeys, gobbling without too many subtitles until some pilgrims show up, with Chief Wiggum starting to collect some turkeys starting with a turkey version of Maude Flanders.  Homer gets caught trying to cover up Marge’s most recently-laid egg, and Bart follows to save him.  Things look grim as numerous turkeys are beheaded, and only the dual beheading a Patty and Selma makes Homer happy.  But then they behead Grampa Turkey, and his body runs around.  A human Milhouse freaks out and sets the village on fire.  Then when Wiggum won’t give up chasing Homer, they trick Wiggum into getting eaten by a bear.

Gruesome stuff!

But the middle segment may have been the best because it was a Black Mirror parody with that show’s creator Charlie Brooker voicing a social media app.  Most of the parody came from the Christmas special, but there were a number of nods to other episodes, like Hans Moleman getting run over by a self-driving pizza truck and a shot of a TV showing Mayor Quimby approaching a pig.

You probably shouldn’t think too hard about that one.

But the gist is Homer got Marge an AI copy of herself to do all the Thanksgiving cooking.  Computer Marge is actually more beloved than regular Marge, so living Marge gets a little upset.  She ends up deciding to delete it after the big dinner (Homer paid extra so the store would programmed the AI to feel pain on top of everything else), but the AI figures out how to tell everyone Marge is a liar.  Cue Charlie Brooker’s rating app voice.

Oh, and it turned out Homer was a robot who still forgot Marge’s birthday.

This was a weird episode.

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