February 5, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Face Of Evil Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Face of Evil," Episode Two.

So far, Leela looks like she’ll make a good new companion for the Doctor.

Of course, the two of them need to survive their current ordeal first.

Actually, that may be true for a lot of guys.  The Doctor realizes the whole area is closed off by some kind of time machinery thingee, and that Leela’s tribe’s planned attack on the Tesh is bound to fail.

It does fail.  The Tesh seem to know the Sevateem were coming.  Many Sevateem die to bring us no information.

But the Doctor makes a few discoveries of his own.  The Sevateem worship a god named Xoanon.  Xoanon speaks to the shaman Neeva.  Or, well, anyone in Neeva’s room.  There’s a lot of high tech equipment in there, and the Doctor realizes the Sevateem are actually the descendants of a long, lost Survey Team.  They just forgot how to use the equipment.

Oh, and when Xoanon’s voice comes through the speakers, he sometimes sounds exactly like the Doctor.

Well, the only thing to do now is tell someone the Doctor and Leela can trust to stop Neeva.  The only problem there is the guy they choose is just a powerhungry jackass.  Those are the worst kinds, and the Doctor is forced to undergo a ritual of manhood or something.  It involves a crossbow, a pit full of giant worms that eat like piranha, and a moving floor.  The Doctor once got lessons from William Tell, so he’s fine.  Leela tried to help, but it wasn’t necessary.

By then, the Doctor realizes that Xoanon will try to attack the tribe with his invisible monsters.  He rigs a weapon for the only other member of the tribe he can trust (AKA, Leela’s friend who isn’t a powerhungry jackass), and then sets out to find a way through Xoanon’s transmission.  The Doctor figures he needs to go through that head of his carved into that mountain.

That actually works as the Doctor and Leela more or less go down the Doctor’s own throat.

Meanwhile, invisible monsters attack the tribe, but Leela’s friend’s gun does seem to drive them off.  It also makes them very visible.  They look like the Doctor’s head, only much, much bigger.

Maybe the Doctor is the evil one after all…

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