February 27, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Tailing A Comet”

Season Three, Episode Six.

OK, so, I am not 100% sure where Voltron: Legendary Defender is going right now.  There’s clearly a math problem and a Lotor problem.

The math problem, illustrated by a somewhat depressed Lance, is that there are six Paladins and only five Lions.  With Shiro back, surely he’ll go back to the Black Lion.  Keith doesn’t seem too worried about that.  Then again, Keith doesn’t think he should be in charge.  The only thing everyone knows for certain is Allura should stick around because she kinda kicks ass.

That math problem solves itself for now when the Black Lion doesn’t respond to Shiro and Keith still has to pilot it.

Then again, there are bigger problems since Keith and Shiro are both kinda in charge right now.  Who should the Paladins listen to?

That leads to the second problem, the Lotor problem.  What does this guy want?  The castle finds him accidentally.  While tracking the stolen comet to a Galra base, they find Lotor’s generals, that all-female squad of half-breed Galra, attacking the place.  In short order, the Paladins fly some cool, color-coded hoverbikes into the base and find the comet.

Lotor turned it into a spaceship already.  And it’s a fast ship, able to punch a hole in the castle’s defense shield.  Plus, the five Paladins are somewhat evenly matched by Lotor’s four generals.  Or possibly three.  I would have thought the mind control one would have used, you know, that ability.  So, what are the generals stealing?

It looks like the wormhole generator the Paladins used on Zarkon.  You know, they’d really need an Altaean like Allura to activate that thing.

Like Haggar, because sometimes Allura remembers Haggar is Altaean.

So, will Keith use Voltron to stop either the comet ship or take out the wormhole device before Lotor can escape with it?  He’s getting Shiro advising one thing while his own instincts say the opposite.

Keith actually tricks the comet ship into blowing up the generator for him, so that solves that problem for now.  The real issue isn’t that there are six Paladins to five Lions.  It’s that the team has two leaders.

Also, Lotor is awful.  But that goes without saying.