April 23, 2024

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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance “What Was Sundered And Undone”

Season One, Episode Three.

OK, we’re two episodes in.  Will any of the three main Gelfling protagonists actually, you know, meet up at some point?

Sort of.

I mean, you’d think a resistance would require teamwork to save Thra, and so far, all we’ve seen is Rian, Brea, and Deet off on seemingly separate adventures.  Rian’s, at least, may be the most straightforward.  Accused of murdering his betrothed, the Skeksis, particularly the Chamberlain, have spread a bunch of lies about the guy.  You know, how he murdered Mira himself but also that he’s really just sick and Dreamfasting with him spreads the illness.  Since that is the only way to tell people the truth, that’s a problem.

Particularly when his own father and clan try to bring him in “for his own good”.

You know, I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but man, everyone seems to believe the Skeksis are OK.  The Gelflings believe they’re benevolent.  Aughra believed it.  Though that is “believed” past tense since actually visiting the Skeksis’ castle puts an end to that.  Maybe it was because the Crystal of Truth showed her a vision of her younger self telling her just how much the Skeksis lied to her.  Also, they threw her out.  Good thing superstitious Gelfling guards believe every rumor about her…

But getting back to heroes meeting up, we do see Deet and Rian meeting up.  This comes after Hup gets arrested defending Deet’s honor in Rian’s home village, and she can’t even get an audience in part because everyone seems to think she smells bad.  She does chat a bit with Rian, but all he does is inadvertently give her an idea on how to break Hup out of the clink.  And that doesn’t even happen in this episode.

As for Brea, well, she goes from cleaning Podlings as a punishment to finding a secret chamber under her mother’s throne.  Maybe there’s some important information down there.

Also, the Chamberlain gives the Scientist some lab help in the form of whatever those things were.  I feel bad for them already, whatever they are.