January 22, 2022

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Comic Review: Batman/Flash The Button

Batman and the Flash investigate the theft of a certain smiley face button.

So, should the regular DC Comics heroes have anything to do with the world and characters of the landmark superhero mini-series Watchmen?  Regardless of whether or not it should be happening, it is.

Admittedly, I was a little curious, specifically since two DC Rebirth titles I like, Batman and The Flash, both did some early work with it.  So, how was The Button?

Not that good, but not for the reasons someone might think.

The story starts off promisingly enough as Batman is looking into what he doesn’t know is the Comedian’s blood-stained smiley face button.  Putting it close to the Medusa Mask causes something to happen, and the next thing Batman knows, the Reverse-Flash is in the Batcave beating the snot out of him.  Reverse Flash leaves with the button, Barry Allen arrives, and then some more mystery occurs when a dying Reverse Flash returns without the button and terrified of…something.

So, what can frighten a man who, previously, seemed incapable of staying dead?

There isn’t much to this story.  It’s four issues total in the collection, and it mostly seems to exist to tease the reader with some surprise meetings, one that is important to Bruce and one to Barry.  And the Tom King-penned chapters at least either managed to do some cool stuff (like the Batman/Reverse Flash fight) or at least advance King’s Batman arc.  I can’t say the same of Joshua Williamson’s chapters.  I do like his Flash work, and he does do some interesting observations on how Barry and Bruce have a lot in common, but the story opens with the two heroes not knowing much and it ends with the two heroes not knowing much.  About all it really does is tease Doomsday Clock.  I’m really glad I didn’t get the hardcover for this book.  I would have been pissed.

7.5 out of 10 teases to other storylines that may not involve Batman and the Flash all that much.

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