May 27, 2024

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The Boys “Good For The Soul”

Season One, Episode Five.

You know, I think I had to quit the comic book series around the time they went to the comics’ equivalent of the Believe Expo.  Fortunately, the TV version ends better for any families in a red convertible.

Why are the Boys (or the Seven for that matter) at this Expo for Christian conservatives?  Well, Frenchie stayed behind to try and care for the Female, but Butcher wants some dirt on Compound V, and he might have a lead here in the form of a stretchy hero who plays pious but Butcher got some blackmail photos of with multiple men…doing stuff.

You know.  Stuff.

Now Butcher just needs Hughie to blackmail the guy into giving out some more info on Compound V.  Why Hughie?  Because Butcher is a heartless man who uses people like Kleenex most likely.  But also because Annie is there, and she might be able to get Hughie some of those $10,000 passes to see that Ezekiel guy.

Annie does it, but she clearly doesn’t like it and feels used.  Heck, the whole Expo is making her feel used.  She doesn’t believe in all this stuff like she used to.

Homelander is also there.  He wants to toss the crowd some red meat to get Congress to give supes permission to go on military missions.

As for the rest of the Seven, A-Train murders Popclaw with a drug overdose after she finally admits she told someone else about the V.  He then sees some footage of Frenchie in Popclaw’s place and finds Frenchie’s hideout.

Or, more accurately, Black Noir finds the place, and the only thing that keeps Frenchie alive is the Female attacking Black Noir.  The only thing keeping the Female alive is a fast healing ability.

Queen Maeve?  She feels terrible and briefly tries finding solace from an ex-girlfriend. That doesn’t work.

But Hughie does manage to get the blackmail material from Ezekiel, though he had to improvise after an unexpected baptism from, of all people, Homelander that did not end in a drowning.  Butcher and MM go to a maternity ward and find a lot of babies being pumped with Compound V.

And the only thing that kept those two alive when security showed up to take them down was Butcher using a baby with heat vision as a weapon.

But back at the Expo, Annie tries something new:  the truth.  Someone assaulted her.  She’s been living a lie.  She doesn’t believe what she used to.  The only applause she gets is from Hughie.  And after the Ezekial request, the only thing that keeps Hughie alive is saying how he was looking for comfort after his girlfriend suddenly died.  So, a step in the general direction of the truth really warms Annie’s heart.

But wait, Annie did mention being assaulted, and the Deep did kill a dolphin trying to rescue one in the most embarrassingly stupid way possible.  What’s the only thing keeping the Deep’s career alive?

Probably nothing.  Serves him right.