June 12, 2024

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Dark “Doppelleben/Double Lives”

Season One, Episode Four.

OK, so, I thought I understood what was going on.  Clearly I was wrong again.

So, let’s see if I have this straight.  We’re in 2019, and this time we’re following the Doppler family.

Mother Charlotte is the chief of police, looking into the dead birds thing.  The birds all died like that kid in the field.  Also, they show signs similar to the ones that appeared in birds after Chernobyl.

Her marriage is falling apart because her husband Peter, well, screwed around with a transgender prostitute.  That’ll do it.

Peter’s father is losing his mind, but he wants to stop some guy named Noah.

Older daughter Franziska wants out of this town, but she does end up screwing around with Magnus Nielsen.

Charlotte knows her husband was driving around the night Mikkel Nielsen disappeared despite claims to the contrary.

And then there’s younger daughter Elisabeth.  She’s deaf and goes to a special school.  She’s also nine and seems to be stealing her sister’s lipstick.  Charlotte asks her to stay at school until Charlotte can pick her up.  Instead, Charlotte gets busy and asks Peter to do it.  By the time he has arrived, Elisabeth is missing.  Did she also disappear?  It sure looks like it.

They even find her hat on the road.

Then Elisabeth walks in the back door like nothing happened.  She met a man with something to deliver to Charlotte.  Something that used to belong to Charlotte.  It looks like a pocket watch.  Who is this man?

He says his name is Noah.

Then the next day, a hooded figure from Noah finds Elisabeth’s classmate and boyfriend Yasin walking alone in the woods…

You know, it makes more sense then I type it out this way.