June 2, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Journey”

Season Three, Episode Five.

Well, look who’s back.  There’s a completely unsurprising surprise.

Yes, Shiro’s back!  OK, Shiro’s being held captive by the Galra because they captured him…at some point?  I guess?  When did that happen?  I don’t know, but there he is.  All he has to do is get out of that tube, fight his way through various sentries, find an escape shuttle of some kind, and somehow find where the other Paladins are in a large, vast universe.

Should be a piece o’ cake.

OK, the first part is.  Shiro still has that cybernetic hand.  The hard part might just be finding Voltron.

As such, he just crash lands on a frozen planet only to be taken prisoner by a pair of resistance fighters stuck there.  And since Shiro landed in a Galra ship, they don’t believe he’s an ally.  Heck, one of the two seems to want to eat Shiro.

Then an intercepted comm message comes on, mentioning a nearby Voltron attack.  Shiro needs to get there and he wins over his captors trust by faking an escape and then not killing them.  A Galra wouldn’t not kill these guys.  That’s just common sense.

So, all Shiro has to do now is…break back into the same ship he escaped from, steal a fighter, and get back to Voltron.

Should be another piece o’ cake.

He’ll just need to borrow the two resistance fighter’s only ship, and that ship won’t be coming back.  Shiro does manage to get through to the hanger bay, destroying all the other fighters there, but when Voltron flies off without him, he can’t keep pace and after following the same path for days, eventually just collapses without the basics of food or oxygen.

Fortunately, the Black Lion somehow knew he was out there because, um, I guess Voltron is also magic.

So, good news.  Shiro was rescued by his friends and teammates.

Too bad it looks like the Galra let him go.

Then again, Haggar has a guy try to follow Lotor, and Lotor found out, so they aren’t exactly a happy united front there either.

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