April 24, 2024

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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance “Nothing Is Simple Anymore”

Season One, Episode Two.

So, we saw the Skeksis murder their first Gelfing for her essence, an underground Gelfling get to the surface for the first time, and a Gelfling Princess see something magical just from reading a book.  And that was all in the first episode.

Do our heroes meet yet?


If anything, Aughra woke up.  She’s been asleep for a long time.  Long enough for the Podling servant she hired went from boy to grandfather.  She knows something is wrong with Thra and figures she has two options.  She can go see the Mystics, but who has the time to decipher their weird riddles?  Or, she can go see the Skeksis since they promised to look after the place while she was meditating.

Aughra opts to see the Skeksis.

You know, for someone who can send her mind out all over the universe, she sure seems to be a bit behind the times.

But what about the Gelflings?

OK, so…


Deet is enjoying the surface world for the first time ever.  She even meets some Fizzgigs.  Of course, she also meets that giant spider, possibly the same one to escape the Scientist’s lab.  The only thing that keeps her alive is a Podling named Hup.  He’s training to be a paladin.  Too bad his only weapon is a wooden spoon.  He does manage to drive the spider away, but only when he gets tied up, suspended upside down, and Deet swings him to use his head to knock out the spider.

You know, that spider’s head looks kinda familiar…

Anyway, the pair continue on their journey.


The princess wants to know what the symbol means, but she’ll need to go to the more mystical soothsayers in her clan.  Quickly realizing the head guy is trying to get her to drink a tea laced with memory erasers, she switches cups and learns from the now memory-wiped man’s assistant that the symbol could mean death…or new life.

Too bad her mother knows what’s going on and has to punish her before Brea can set out to learn more.


You’d think Rian could just tell the other guards what the Skeksis did.  But it’s more complicated than that.  They trust the Skeksis, especially the Chamberlain.  And the Chamberlain is telling stories about how Rian killed his girlfriend.  Naturally, they all believe that lie.

Fortunately, Rian’s best friend Gurjin gets to see Rian’s memories and knows what really happened.  The two sneak into the Scientist’s lab to get the last of Mira’s essence.  They can do that because the Chamberlain snuck in to steal the stuff, and when the Scientist returns and the two get to arguing, Rian can grab the essence and the two can make a run for it.  True, Gurjin gets caught, but he puts up enough of a distraction for Rian to dive out a window into a lake below.

The Skeksis

But it wouldn’t be a show without bad guys this bad.  The Skeksis send a trusted guard after Rian in the form of Rian’s father.  The Chamberlain also manages to convince the others that the Scientist was responsible for Rian’s escape, and not, you know, the guy who actually tried to steal the essence first.

That means we get to see a Skeksis punishment ceremony.  It costs the Scientist an eye.

Wow, these are some terrible people.