February 21, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Marge The Lumberjill”

In which Marge finds self-esteem again, but this time as a champion tree-chopper.

Well, it’s time for another episode where Marge realizes how dull her life is, leading to her trying to spice it up, doing so successfully, and then forgetting about it next time.  Then again, this one also has some Disney+ jokes, and I know my article goes live the same day the streaming service.  Also, Jill Sobule sings a “Lumberjill” song, but I’m not sure who she is exactly, so I’ll just toss that in here now and get it out of the way.

When it comes to musicians, my knowledge is rather limited and sucky.

Not so limited but still also sucky is the latest evening at Springfield Elementary where the students have written plays for performance.  Most of them just copied various TV shows and YouTube video game tutorials.  That is as terrible as it sounds, even if it does give us a brief guest appearance by Natasha Lyonne as Krusty’s daughter Sophie for some reason.

But there is one original play, and obviously Lisa wrote it.  It’s about her family, with Ralph Wiggum as Homer, Database as Bart, some kid I didn’t recognize as Marge, Kearney as an exceptionally wise Maggie, and Lisa as herself wearing a wig that is exactly like her usual hair.  I don’t get that either, but it is rather clever.

Now, you’d think Homer and Bart would be mad about how badly Lisa depicts, well, both of them.  But probably because Homer has the memory of a metaphorical goldfish and Bart is Bart, that doesn’t happen.  No, the one to take it to heart is Marge, now convinced she is boring.  Yes, Marge doesn’t look that bad in Lisa’s play, but try telling her that.

Marge tries to lose the title by spicing up a reading at church with some very broad stereotypical accents for Jesus and Pilate, but that actually has the crowd demand Lovejoy be given the pulpit back.

Marge is so down now, she barely notices when a fallen tree limb almost kills her back at the Simpson house.  And somehow a visit from Patty and Selma the next day also doesn’t cheer her as Homer tries to chop the limb up and gives up to take a nap after only three whacks.  Incensed, Marge does it herself, and that gives Patty an idea.

No, the idea is not to bury the hatchet in Homer.  Yeah, I was surprised, too.

No, instead, Patty goes off to find a friend she met at a “Burning Woman” festival.  Paula (guest star Asia Kate Dillon) is a competitive woodchopper.  And Marge?  Marge has the chops to be a chopper.

Sorry about that one.

So, yeah, the episode from there follows the typical Marge-finds-something-she-is-good-at plot.  There’s a montage of her chop skills.  Lisa is a bit concerned over the environment, but Bart’s Exxon-Mobil approved science book doesn’t see the harm.  I actually did like the Bart’s corporate textbook jokes for some reason.  That reason being they were mildly amusing.

Now, Paula is so impressed by Marge’s skills and asks Marge to be her partner for a log sawing team.  If Marge accepts, she’ll have to move to Portland by herself for a month.  That would also be about the time Patty suggests something to Homer that gets Homer worried Marge will run off with Paula.  That Homer really doesn’t want Marge to leave because he’d get lonely doesn’t help.

Now, normally, I’d say that Homer’s general selfishness in this situation is kinda terrible in his general obliviousness towards Marge’s problems.  I didn’t get that impression this time.  Homer would just miss his wife.  He does, by episode’s end, come around to the idea that Marge should do what he wants to make herself happy, but that didn’t seem to be too much of a fence to jump.  He did like seeing Marge win.  It was less the competition and more his general concern she’d never come back like the McRib.

You know, I tried a McRib once.  It wasn’t that good.  That’s why fast food sandwich crazes confuse me.  Is a chicken sandwich really worth that much trouble?

But the Simpsons do go to Portland, save Grampa who thinks the dog, cat, and toaster are Bart, Lisa, and Maggie respectively.  While there, the family sure sees a lot of streets with the same names as people they know.  It’s almost like someone who made the show used to live there or something.

Anyway, Homer learns a lesson.  Paula had a wife training for some kind of gymnastics competition in Tokyo.  The fact Paula doesn’t know exactly what it was is rather Homerish from where I am sitting.  Anyway, she does give Homer the right words to get Marge to go back to Springfield”  “Let’s go home.”

Be back for the next Simpsons when Marge is dull again.