March 2, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Witness”

Season Three, Episode Ten.

June has a plan now.

So does Commander Waterford, but he’s a weenie.

Yes, June has decided to rescue as many Handmaids’ children as she can and sneak them out of Gilead.  She talks the Lawrence’s Marthas first.  They think she’s nuts.  She talks to some of the other Handmaids next.  They also think she’s nuts.  Well, at least Janine is looking to help.  Granted, they need a bit more than just getting people on board with a potentially fatal plan, but here we are.

She’ll need a more powerful ally.  She broaches the idea gently to Mrs. Lawrence.  Mrs. Lawrence would love to help because she’s actually a decent human being.  Plus, she doesn’t really want to leave her husband, a man who is actually a war criminal.  That said, at least outside Gilead, Mrs. Lawrence could get some actual medication for her mental illness and not just some herbal tea.

Man, Gilead sucks more and more the more we learn about it, and it was pretty awful to begin with.

You know though, Commander Lawrence can probably arrange transportation.

What about Waterford?  Well, he gets a visit from High Commander Winslow.  Winslow wants to expand the “staple Handmaids’ mouths shut” program because he’s a really awful man on a show full of them.  Seeing an opportunity, Waterford suggests ensuring that some of the more recalcitrant Commanders be checked on.

That means taking a whole entourage over the Lawrence house to make sure the Ceremony actually takes place.

I mean, they even bring Aunt Lydia.  These people are awful.

So, how does this work out?  Well, Serena Joy, another awful person, figured out Fred doesn’t really want Nichole back so much as use all this to gain some power for himself.  So, she drops a warning to June that there will be a doctor on-hand to determine whether or not the Ceremony actually takes place.  As such, once the Lawrences and June are in a room alone, she has to convince both Lawrences to go through with it or else every member of the household will be put to death.

Because Gilead sucks.

That does work, and it allows June to do two things.  First, she throws shade at Fred.  Next, she uses Lawrence’s guilt to arrange for a truck to transport some children with the understanding that if Lawrence and his wife go with, he can go from war criminal to hero and they can stay in Canada.

Too bad June’s plans are a little too successful.  Given all the RSVPs that arrive the next day, they’re going to need something bigger than a truck…