May 20, 2024

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The Boys “The Female Of The Species”

Season One, Episode Four.

The Deep tries to rescue a dolphin from a SeaWorld type resort in this episode.  That goes…poorly.

And that is all I have to say about that.

Basically, two things happen in this episode.  The Boys find the last member of their group as seen in promo pics and the like.  And Homelander tries to stop a plane hijacking.  I’m not sure either goes well.

Homelander’s work is, of course, objectively worse.  He and Queen Maeve get to the plane, and it turns out using laser vision in an airplane is a really bad idea.  Sure, it takes out the terrorists.  It also takes out the cockpit controls.  And Homelander apparently can’t lift planes in the air.  He opts to take a reluctant Maeve and flee before the plane crashes, not even rescuing the small girl and her mother that Maeve tried to bring along.

Homelander uses the crash as an excuse to attack anyone who isn’t for superheroes in the military.

As for the Boys, using a tip from Popclaw, they find A-Train’s Compound V supplier.  Mother’s Milk, Hughie, and Frenchie all sneak in and find a woman caged up in another room.  And Frenchie decides to let her out.  She doesn’t talk.  She just attacks the three Triad guards outside her cage.  Two she rips apart.  The third opts to shoot himself in the head to prevent that from happening.

Hughie (don’t call him “Wee Hughie” since he’s six feet tall), MM, and Frenchie lock themselves in the cage when the Female comes back.  The Female runs off.  Butcher realizes they need to bring her in.  Hughie is excused since Starlight wants a date, and Butcher wants Starlight’s phone hacked.

Is Starlight bad?  Hughie doesn’t think so, but Butcher doesn’t trust any Supe.

But here’s the thing:  Frenchie thinks he can reason with the Female.  And he does find her a couple times at Penn Station.  He even stops A-Train from killing her.  A-Train is apparently very easy to distract if you just call the fans over.  In the end, Frenchie almost gets through, but when she does attack, Butcher has some knock-out gas that thankfully works.

As for Hughie, he does hack the phone, but he feels bad about it.  Annie is very nice.  Plus, he also feels bad about what happened to his dead girlfriend and the fact Translucent apparently had a family.

Yeah, Hughie feels really bad right now.