December 1, 2022

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Hole In The Sky”

Season Three, Episode Four.

If there’s one sci-fi trope I generally enjoy, it’s the alternate universe of evil people.

And hey, Voltron went there!

See, the castle found an Altean ship sending off a distress signal.  The back half is sticking out of a hole in space.  Where’s the front half?  Well, no one can see it, and Pidge’s probe disappears after going into the rift.

So, naturally, they decide to send Voltron through on the theory that his shielding and armor can take it.  Otherwise, well, the show ended a few seasons early.  Allura really wants to find more allies in the fight against Lotor.  See, she’s tired of Lotor always being two or three steps ahead.

Wait, they’ve only really dealt with him, like, twice so far…

Anyway, Voltron goes through and finds the front half in what looks like an entirely different universe.  The Altean crew on the ship are all dead, but they do find someone else.

It’s Shiro!

With a different name and accent.  Oh, and that nut Dr. Slav.  Neither of them recognize the Paladins.

But who does?  The armored goons who come in, referring to Shiro and Slav as members of the Guns of Gamora.  Those guys sound much more dangerous than the Blade of Marmora.

I mean, look at those guns!

The goons do know the Paladins.  Or, more accurately, they know Allura.  They call her Empress Allura.

And right there I knew this was a Mirror Universe where the good guys are bad guys.  Allura doesn’t see it, possibly because of her lingering space racism.  But she doesn’t.  The other Paladins are suspicious.  And when Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge all think something is off, something is seriously off.

Yeah, in this reality, the Alteans are the bad guys trying to conquer the universe.

Fortunately, Allura realizes that.  See, the Alteans here are after a comet flying by made of the same stuff that made Voltron.  It’s big.  Really big.  But it isn’t so big that the Paladins can’t move it back through the wormhole while the Guns of Gamora guys blow up the portal and keep that comet out of evil Altean hands.

Unfortunately, Lotor then shows up and steals it.

Maybe that guy is two or three steps ahead after all…

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