December 8, 2022

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Heroic”

Season Three, Episode Nine.

Ofmathew, AKA Natalie, tried to take down Aunt Lyida.  Or June.  Or both.  It doesn’t matter.  She’s dying now herself.

Yes, it seems a gunshot to the head doesn’t help out with any pregnant woman.  And since Gilead honors the unborn more than the women carrying them, in another not-at-all-subtle political point that this show keeps making, she’s on life support while brain dead.  And because somehow everyone thinks June is responsible, she has to pray by Natalie’s side until Natalie dies or gets better.

Aunt Lydia, when asked if June can go home, says God doesn’t give us any trials we can’t overcome.  So, we have another episode of Bad Lydia unless we count her giving Janine an eyepatch.  I’m not sure that I do.  Lydia is the reason Janine has to wear one in the first place.

Plus, you just know that’s how Lydia justifies what she’s doing after someone stabbed her.

Kudos to the show, however, for making June look as out-of-it as possible.  She’s hearing pop songs (“Heaven is a place on Earth”) while looking outright delirious.  That’s not good.  June even tries to euthanize the brain dead Natalie twice.  Janine stops her the first time.

Janine says June is being very selfish and Natalie is as much as a Handmaid as the rest of them.  And Janine is…not wrong.  June thinks on that.

The second time, it’s Serena Joy who shows up, and being out of it means June’s decision to stab Serena end up with June being the one bleeding.  A kind (male) doctor stitches her up and talks to her.  This doctor knew June’s mother, and he offers what sounds like genuine sympathy.

Natalie eventually has a C-section for a premature baby boy.  That would be about when Lydia finally lets June go, but June asks to stay a little longer.  Why?  Well, so she can apologize to Natalie and swear a new oath.

She wants to get as many children out of Gilead as she can.

Somehow, I suspect that this is only going to make things worse.

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