June 23, 2024

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The Boys “Get Some”

Season One, Episode Three.

Well, Hughie killed a guy.  I guess he’s lucky he’s not on clean-up.  Leave him to just brood with his own thoughts.

Yeah, Butcher and Frenchie clean up an invisible man’s remains.  Now, if Butcher were not the type to taunt the Homelander or the Seven, they might get away with all this.  But that’s not what happens since at the end of the episode, Homelander has the remains himself.  They were in a trunk with “Coming for you” written on the inside lid.

Is that smart?  I don’t think that’s smart.  Especially after Homelander outright punches through a lone gunman after Maeve had subdued the guy.  Unnecessary murder is never a sign of a good person.

You know, I never finished the comic book version of The Boys, but it’s not as if Butcher or Homelander are either of them benevolent souls.

The show demonstrates this by basically making it clear Butcher is a liar and everyone who’s known him for a long period of time hates him.  We saw that with Frenchie, and when Butcher realizes he needs more help, we see it again with Mother’s Milk.

You know, none of the Boys so far have superpowers like they do in the comics, so I am curious how Mother’s Milk earned his moniker in this version.

The plan for now is to bug Popclaw’s apartment for dirt on A-Train.  Hughie actually has a plan for that, and it works a little too well.  The Boys learn about Compound V, a substance supes use as, well, maybe performance enhancers or something.   Since A-Train is competing for the title of fastest man alive, there might be some in the arena where the competition is taking place.  The Seven will all be there.  Butcher monitors the crowd, Hughie wanders around in the hallways, Frenchie can break into the locker room for some V (A-Train uses it to win the race), and MM…has an idea and leaves.

Hughie’s place works out well since he spots Starlight.  That isn’t hard.  Stillwell quid pro quo‘d her into wearing a skimpier outfit after the girl she saved came forward.  As it is, Hughie and Annie get along pretty well and even exchange phone numbers.

Did Hughie have to tell Butcher he had it?  Probably not, but he was smart enough to turn the microphone off when he and Annie talked.  And he only really went to her initially to stop her from finding Frenchie in the locker room.

That said, MM realized Popclaw must have also had some V.  And he got footage of her using it.  And then, while high and extra strong, she killed her landlord during sex.  Those thighs must be really strong.

Point is, now Butcher has someone to blackmail.

He also has the Homelander knowing someone is out to get him.  That just doesn’t seem very smart.