October 1, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Seeds Of Doom Part 6”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Seeds of Doom," Final Episode.

You know, the Doctor suggests something here, and then he comes up with a plan that does the opposite of what he says.  Or something.  It’s ironic.

But it may be necessary to stop the giant plant monster from outer space.

Yes, the Krynoid now towers over Stately Chase Manor.  The Doctor, Scorby, Sarah Jane, and Random UNIT Sergeant can’t get past it.  Chase locked them all out.  Fortunately, UNIT guys show up with a laser gun.  That just makes the Krynoid mad, but the Doctor and his party do get back inside.

So, from here, we just wait for the Doctor to come up with a plan and the bad guys to die.  Scorby would be first under Hierarchy of Bad Guy Rules.  He doesn’t believe in anybody but himself.  The Doctor suggests bullets and bombs aren’t always the answer.  Remember that line.

Scorby decides instead to make a run for it.  He manages to get outside the Manor, but then some lake plants grab him and kill him.  It’s not a good effect, but at least it’s better than the time an inflatable chair ate a guy.

As for Chase, who is probably possessed by the Krynoid but how could we tell, he feeds Random UNIT Sergeant to the composter.  And because everyone gets tossed into the composter eventually, Chase later knocks out Sarah Jane and does the same to her.

No, she doesn’t die.  The Doctor comes and rescues her.  Chase dies in his own composter in the process.  The Doctor feels some remorse over that, but not me.  Chase sucked.

For course, by then, UNIT is bombing the Krynoid from the air.  Why?  The Doctor advised UNIT that the only solution was to bomb the thing.  And here I thought bullets and bombs weren’t always the answer.

Anyway, the Doctor and Sarah Jane barely manage to escape the bombs with a little help from the Manor’s air conditioner.  Then they opt to try a vacation to a beach planet.  Too bad the TARDIS goes back to Antarctica.

That minister was right to politely decline.

Though, honestly, we have no idea if the Krynoid is truly dead or not.  I mean, sure, we saw it go up in a fiery explosion, but since when do bullets and bombs solve problems?

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