September 28, 2022

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Dark “Lügen/Lies”

Season One, Episode Two.

Dark, two episodes in, looks like a good show.  I had feared I would have trouble following it, but so far that isn’t an issue.  Also true I don’t know every character by name just yet, but there are a lot of them.  Give me time.

Or don’t.  That’s up to you, hypothetical reader.

So, let’s start with some mysteries.  Officer Ulrich Nielsen, while looking for his missing son Mikkel, found a boy’s corpse.  It wasn’t his son.  It was somebody else.  And we don’t know who.  His clothes look fairly new while being about thirty years out of style.  His eyes are gone, and his ear drums ruptured.  But the boy didn’t have any ID on him.  So, yeah.

I’m trying to think of any American show that would have a kid’s corpse in its first episode.

Besides, that mystery boy isn’t the only dead kid by episode’s end.  Whoever was doing whatever to the missing Erik Obendorf seems to have also killed the missing teen.

Now the nice thing about having a cop in the family means he has more resources to look for his boy than most.  He can check out the mystery cave the kids went to the night before.  It goes up to the nuclear plant, and there’s a metal door at the end of it.  Ulrich wants a search warrant for the place because the nuclear plant isn’t letting anyone in otherwise.

He also checked the Obendorf household, but all he found there were drugs.  Erik’s father knew about them.  They were partners.  Ulrich mostly just wants to find the boys, so he doesn’t much care about the drugs.

And his own younger brother Mads did disappear in the same way thirty or so years before.

Other odd things in town include a Stranger checking into Regina Tieldemann’s hotel.  I think Jonas saw the guy in the pilot.  He was dripping with weird stuff and found a dead bird in the woods.

Later, all kinds of dead birds are all over town.

But hey, maybe we got some good news!  Mikkel wakes up in the cave in what looks like the next day.  He seems OK.  Sure is weird his dad didn’t find him.  Anyway, he stumbles home.  Or what he thinks is his home.  There are different vehicles in the driveway, and his key won’t work the lock.  Plus, some teenage boy comes to the door and that guy seems to live in the house.

Said teen leaves when his girlfriend shows up to go to school with him.  She seems to see something in Mikkel, but they drive off and…

Wait, the teens names were Ulrich and Katharina.

Those are the same names as Mikkel’s parents.

And then Mikkel sees a newspaper dated 1986.

Yeah, he might have a long way to go to get home.

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