September 29, 2022

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Hunted”

Season Three, Episode Three.

Hey, Voltron: Legendary Defender!  You still have Shiro and Zarkon in the opening credits!  You aren’t fooling anyone into thinking they won’t be back!

But, for now, they aren’t back.  Keith is leading the team into action after he had slapped a tracker onto Lotor’s ship.  With five Paladins, we get Voltron back, and that means trouble for Lotor!

Wait, no it doesn’t.  Allura is new at flying anything other than castles.  Lance isn’t used to the Red Lion’s additional speed.  And Keith is new at leading everyone period.  That means three lions have new pilots.  As a result, well, things don’t go smoothly.

Plus, Lotor realizes that, like, immediately.  As he is the bad guy, he opts to take the five lions on alone in just his own personal fighter.

That doesn’t sit well with a couple of his sidekicks because at least one of them just likes shooting things.

However, Keith’s overall quick-tempered nature means he won’t sit still while one fighter makes fools of the Paladins.  Does Keith know it’s Lotor?  Probably not, but no one asked one way or the other.  There’s just one fast fighter zipping around everyone.  Allura keeps crashing into stuff.  Lance keeps flying ahead of everyone else without trying.  Hunk and Pidge still know what they’re doing, but that doesn’t help much when they can’t even form Voltron.

Seriously, I do not get how Voltron works.  He’s just a giant robot, right?

You know, things can always get worse.  Such happens when Lotor flies into a storm planet.  Those things interfere with long range scanners and communication.  Oh, and they explode if you fire a laser in them.  Lotor knows that.  Keith doesn’t.

Now, this could be a huge problem because huge problems always happen on TV.  Fortunately, Allura finally gets in touch with the Blue Lion by showing humility from the looks of things.  And hey, freeze rays don’t do anything bad in a storm like this, plus Blue has some sonic attacks that allow the Paladins to find each other.  Oh, and now they can form Voltron.

A quick series of Galra ships exploding and both sides retreat.  Lotor uses this time to figure out what he’s learned about the Paladins.  Keith uses it to berate himself until Lance points out the real lesson should be “don’t do that again”.

That’s usually good advice for anyone making a mistake.

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