September 28, 2022

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General Announcement

I'm not really going away, but I have a new place of my own now.

So, Gabbing Geek’s website had some technical issues over the weekend.  And then I did something I’ve honestly been thinking about for a while now.

Yes, Tom has his own blog now.

So, just to make something clear, I have no plans of quitting posting for Gabbing Geek.  My new blog is in conjunction with my new podcast, the either creatively or horribly named Tomcast 2020.  Why 2020?  Because “tomcast” by itself was already taken when I tried to apply for my own Gmail account for the podcast.  That seemed as good a number as any.

At any rate, I’m using my new place for my book, movie, and occasional TV reviews.  For Gabbing Geek, I’ll still be doing Misplaced Heroes, various group projects like the DCAU chats with Jimmy, comic book reviews, my daily TV episode write-ups, and whatever other regular features I do.

Besides, since both Gabbing Geek and Tomcast2020 use WordPress, I can easily repost articles from either site.

So, anyway, I have a new place to post some things but not other things.  I like what I do here at Gabbing Geek too much to just leave everything behind.  There are good people behind the scenes here, and I don’t really want to leave a place where I’ve put in as much work as I have.

That said, due to the site being down for the weekend, I’m not sure I’m getting the Misplaced Hero file done for this week.  I tend to be a bit busy during the week…

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