February 1, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Seeds Of Doom Part 4”

The Fourth Doctor, "The Seeds of Doom," Episode Four.

So, this episode opens with something I found somewhat unexpected, largely because I didn’t think they had the budget for it.

But it is rather cool.

Yes, when last we left our intrepid heroes, the Doctor watched in horror from a skylight as Chase and his hired goons tried to feed Sarah Jane to the Krynoid seed pod.  Can the Doctor do something about it?  He’s not the most physical of heroes and…

…wait, he just broke through the skylight, knocked Big Hired Goon Scorby around, hit him with some obviously breakaway furniture, and somehow got a pistol.  He and Sarah Jane then leave.

Did the Doctor just channel Batman?

I didn’t think the series’ budget would allow for something like that.

But never mind that.  Chase has other problems when his least offensive hired goon, Keeler the botanist, finds himself infected by the Krynoid.

Now, Keeler was almost helpful, but not enough.  As such, we might feel sympathy for him.  But he was still working for plant-loving billionaire a-hole Chase, so I’m gonna pass on that sympathy.

Besides, what does Chase do as he sees the infection spread?  Does he listen to Keeler and take the ailing man to a hospital?  Well, no.  It’s not like a hospital could do anything about it anyway.  Instead, Chase and the butler (because of course he has one) take Keeler off and tie him down in a bed.  Chase is just oh-so-excited to see a man turn into a plant.

This guy has to go more than most.

As for the Doctor, he leaves Sarah Jane somewhere safe and goes back for the seedpod.  Sure, he doesn’t know how to use the pistol he took, but he figures Chase and his Hired Goons don’t know that.

Wait, Scorby easily figured that out and captures the Doctor.  He takes the Doctor to the composting room.  It seems Chase makes compost out of, well, any sort of organic matter he can get his hands on.

Can Chase die now?

About the only thing left to save the Doctor is Sarah Jane.  They do take turns at this sort of thing.  Her first attempt finds the rapidly mutating Keeler.  Her second finds that old lady who painted that picture Chase never paid for.  Yes, she’s hanging around the mansion.  It is also the middle of the night.  Said old lady seems a little nutty.  But Sarah Jane does get the old woman alone long enough to give her a message for UNIT.

And then it turned out the old lady wasn’t just some senile thing showing up in the middle of the night.  The government sent her in, and she has a message to the minister outside about Sarah Jane and the Doctor.  Plus, the minister’s assistant, who has been funneling information to Chase, realizes he was wrong and goes inside, telling the minister to call UNIT if he doesn’t get back soon.

You know that guy is doomed.

By then, Sarah Jane has rescued the Doctor from the composter, and Keeler has gone full Krynoid and busted loose.  The Doctor and Sarah Jane arm themselves with some blades, but the Krynoid finds the minister’s assistant and, surprise, isn’t hurt by bullets.

And then the Krynoid finds the Doctor and Sarah Jane.  This could be bad.

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