June 12, 2024

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The Boys “Cherry”

Season One, Episode Two.

Well, killing a member of the Seven might not go down well for anyone nearby.

Even if the guy might deserve it.

That might be a debatable topic:  does Translucent deserve to die?  I mean, he looked pretty dead at the end of the pilot.

Actually, he isn’t dead.  He’s just unconscious and invisible.  Of course, he has seen Butcher’s and Hughie’s faces.  There’s only one thing to do:  take him to see Frenchie.

Yes, Frenchie, an old associate of Butcher’s who, because he is an old associate of Butcher’s, doesn’t like Butcher very much.

You just know Hughie is going that way.

But the real reason to see Frenchie is because they’re going to have to kill Translucent.  How do you kill an invulnerable, invisible man?

That plot is going to ruin a lot of drill bits before Frenchie comes up with a solution.

But the thing about The Boys as a show is most of the stuff I saw about the show seemed more focused on the Seven than the Boys.  Why?  The Seven aren’t the guys with their name in the title.  But I think I know why.

The Seven are just so darn fascinating.

For example:  Homelander.  A newcomer to the world of The Boys might not know what he’s all about.  Not right away.  Then he’ll heat vision a plane out of the sky.  He’s a bad guy.

Knowing that…just watch this guy this episode.  He’s just…off.  He can threaten someone like the Deep for telling secrets, mostly about what it looked like brought that plane down, and he’s just scary without even raising his voice or looking angry.  He stares at walls, odd enough, until we learn he’s spying on his boss Madelyn Stillwell using a breast pump.  Mostly, he just doesn’t seem to be with it.

And then there’s Starlight.  Forced into a team-up with the Deep, she learns the crime she’s stopping might have been set up.  Then when she beats up two wannabe rapists, she does it in her street clothes and doesn’t know she’s being taped.

And since the camera didn’t show the victim Annie is rescuing, it looks like a superhuman just beat up two guys.  And her secret identity is blown.  I guess the costume that somehow showed her entire face didn’t have enough people recognizing her.

Basically, the job sucks.

On the other end of things, Hughie wants some A-Train information, but he isn’t comfortable killing Translucent.  Even after Frenchie figures out how by putting explosives up his invisible colon, something that of course happens.  Hugie gets some information by then.  A-Train left his girlfriend Popclaw’s place when he ran into Hughie’s girlfriend at high speed.  Except Translucent has been gone long enough for Vought to worry about him.  And then the Homelander decides to go looking on his own.  Because no one tells the Homelander he can’t do whatever he wants to do.

See?  He’s creepy and off.

Frenchie and Butcher manages to distract Homelander–when he’s right outside Frenchie’s van, talking to the driver no less–by blowing up another building.  And by then, Translucent has broken free.  Will Hughie let him go?  It sure looks that way at first.

Then Hughie blows him up anyway.

Well, Hughie’s new job also kinda sucks.