August 16, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Seeds Of Doom Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Seeds of Doom," Episode Three.

The rich evil guy at the center of this serial is Harrison Chase.  He likes plants more than people.

As such, I really want to see him get what he deserves.  Sure, that won’t happen until the last episode, but you get the idea.

Now, you’d think there would be a problem for the Doctor and Sarah Jane to get out of the Antarctic after the lab blew up since they have no nearby means of transportation.  Fortunately, you would be wrong to think so.  A snowtruck pulls up next to them, and the guys inside are English.

That’s awfully convenient.

It also means they can get back to England and warn that minister.  They don’t know who hired the hired goons just yet, but the Doctor can tell the difference between a fanatic and a fanatic’s goons when he sees one.  These guys were goons.  Of course, one of the minister’s guys is taking money from Chase, so Chase also finds out.

Harrison Chase is the kind of guy who will not only ignore his botanist’s warnings about alien plants, but he’ll decide he needs to kill the Doctor and Sarah Jane to do it.  That means…sending a car for them?

Admittedly, not the most obvious plan.  It only becomes obvious when the limo driver turns out to be yet another hired goon.

Harrison Chase has a lot of hired goons.

Fortunately, goons are often also stupid, so the Doctor and Sarah Jane not only get away, but they manage to steal the car.  They also find a valuable painting of a flower in the boot.  A quick trip to the old lady that painted it gets two valuable pieces of information:  Harrison Chase bought the painting, but he also never actually paid for it.

I am so unsurprised.

Well, with a name and a car, the pair can slip in with the Doctor disguised as a chauffeur.  True, he’s still wearing his scarf, but that stunt gets the pair through the gate only to be captured inside by Chase’s small army of hired goons.

Man, you’d think Chase would be happy to gloat, and you’d be right.  You’d also think he’d want to kill the Doctor and Sarah Jane.  You’re still right.  But first, he offers his prisoners the rare treat of…exploring his botanical gardens.  Yeah, that sucks.  Even the Doctor expresses disdain for guided tours.  It gets worse when Chase stops to play the music he wrote for the flowers.  If you think he wrote terrible music, you’re mostly right.  He wrote terrible loud music.

Fortunately, that botanist sends word the Krynoid seedpod is opening.  Yeah, that’s bad news, but it gives the Doctor and Sarah Jane a chance to escape.  The two run around, and the Doctor even gets some hits in on the most murderous of the goons, at one point looking like he snapped the man’s neck.

But that dude turns out to be fine.  That’s too bad as he catches Sarah Jane.

And while Chase doesn’t seem to believe the Krynoid is that dangerous, he is willing to let the thing touch Sarah Jane to see what happens.  The Doctor, looking down from a skylight, seems unable to help…

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