April 21, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Under His Eye”

Season Three, Episode Seven.

Alright.  Two episodes in a row so far to show someone tell Serena Joy off.  That’s been my favorite new facet of the season.  Everyone keeps telling her how awful she is, and I am…

…that doesn’t happen this episode…

No, instead we need to remember that The Handmaid’s Tale is all about bringing people back down every time they start to go up.  June has been doing very well.  Now she needs to go down again.

True, she is hardly the only one.  Emily is having problems in Canada.  Gilead sent a list of her “crimes” to Canada.  Among them is “stabbing her supervisor”.  That would be Aunt Lydia.

Aunt Lydia?  Emily deserves a damn medal for that.  But no, Gilead doesn’t do that sort of thing.  And Canada needs the trade because even though Gilead is awful, it is powerful and awful.  Despite fighting an internal insurrection and having a huge chunk of toxic territory, it’s still a strong country.

Fortunately, Emily and Moira seem to be bonding.

Now, if only they didn’t get arrested.

But here’s the real problem:  executions in Gilead.  Yeah, it seems the Handmaids are now helping with the hangings.  It’s not like they have a choice.  Not while Aunt Lydia is there shouting.  Among the batch the Handmaids are hanging this time is one really frightened Martha.  Her crime?  Possibly letting a baby cry too long.  Ofmathew, June’s true believer shopping partner, sees nothing wrong with that.

Cripes, what is wrong with these people?

However, June gets word from the MacKenzie’s Martha about a possible meeting with Hannah at Hannah’s school.  OK, June can deal with that.  She just needs an escort.  And, well, she actually gets Mrs. Lawrence’s help.  Sure, June lies at first, but Mrs. Lawrence is actually a decent human being.  June confesses, and Mrs. Lawrence agrees to help.  She even sets up a distraction at the school so June can see her kid at recess.

Man, that school has some high walls.  And is that barbed wire?  Because, you know, the symbolism isn’t subtle enough.  Why else would the producers make the school look like a prison?  Because people need to see, man.

So, no Hannah.  And then word comes in that the MacKenzies moved.  Oh, and the Martha that gave June the information was among the next batch to be hung.  Ofmathew reported the Martha to Aunt Lydia, as she had been instructed.

June’s response is to attack Ofmathew with the rest of the Handmaids providing cover.

Then again, June didn’t even get in trouble with Commander Lawrence this time, so maybe there’s some hope left.  Hope is about all these characters have some days.