February 1, 2023

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Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 3

Spidey has problems involving his older friends and allies. It happens.

I’ve been enjoying the current Amazing Spider-Man series from wrtier Nick Spencer.  Is it great comics?  Well, no, but it is fun.  Spider-Man should be fun.

Anyway, I just finished off the third volume, subtitled Lifetime Achievement.

Are things going well for Peter Parker?  Well, he’s still mostly unemployed.  One of his roommates is a supervillain.  He may be able to go back to grad school thanks to Curt Connors, but the sometime Lizard has his own problems.  If anything, Peter has some newfound support from an unexpected source:  J. Jonah Jameson.

Because Peter actually unmasked for his sometime employer, Jonah has switched from Spidey’s greatest enemy (maybe) to his most ardent supporter.  The problem there is, of course, he is still J. Jonah Jameson.  His praise is almost as bad as his condemnation.  Plus, he’s still the vainglorious blowhard he’s always been.

So, you can imagine the problem when both he and Spidey are kidnapped by parties unknown.  The Scorpion is there, but he’s not the boss.

After that three parter, we’re back to the supervillain kidnapping that’s been going on.  Taskmaster and Black Ant are after Rhino, and the fight scene is a restaurant where Aunt May happens to be having lunch.  And while we still only have a vague idea why, the reason for the kidnappings are now clear.  It involves Kraven the Hunter, and he just hired Arcade to do something for him.

Now, I already have the next volume in my unread trade stack, and it’s a good deal thicker than this one.  If anything, the net result here is that I have what feels like five issues of filler.  Spencer seems to be setting something up, but there isn’t much growth there.  It’s fun and…that’s about it.  I am hoping the next one works a bit better.  For this one, let’s say 7.5 out of 10 hippo men.

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