December 11, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Changing The Guard”

Season Three, Episode One.

For whatever reason, Netflix released a few rather short seasons of Voltron: Legendary Defender starting in season three.

I don’t know why.  They probably took one long season and sliced it into smaller ones to increase the run time of the show.

Whatever the reason, everyone is missing someone right now.  Both Shiro and Zarkon are out of the fight.  Shiro disappeared.  Zarkon might as well have.

Does that sound like I feel bad for Zarkon?  Why should I?  He’s the two-dimensional bad guy in a revamp of an 80s cartoon.  Feeling bad for those guys makes no sense because there’s nothing to feel bad for.  Before I feel bad for anyone, I want a reason to do so.  He’s just the epitome of evil with a nebulous goal.  No one designs them for sympathy.

But for now, let’s see how both sides are fairing.  The Paladins are still freeing worlds from the Galra with help from the Blade of Marmora.  Hunk and Lance are using their Lions.  Keith is just being moody, and Pidge is looking for long lost relatives.  Allura wants to unite various rebel groups.  The leaders of said groups want to help, but they want to do so with Voltron.  Because now it’s cool.  I was working with Voltron before it was popular.

That doesn’t quite work out because Keith explodes at a meeting that Shiro is gone and no one can fly the Black Lion.  No Black Lion means no Voltron.  Plus, everyone keeps looking at the Blade of Marmora guys funny.

So, they have problems there.

Over in Galra space, Prince Lotor shows up to temporarily take his father’s throne while Zarkon recuperates.  Only Haggar sees the top guy.  That isn’t anything at all like the time Woodrow Wilson had a stroke.  But hey, maybe Lotor will be better…?

Nah.  He’s up to something.  He’s half Altaean, and his top generals (all female) are also hybrid races.  When he isn’t winning over hearts by beating heads in a gladiator’s arena, Lotor is plotting against the guys who were caught plotting against him.  This guy is hardly sunshine and lollipops.

Well, maybe Keith will fly the Black Lion now.  Shiro did want Keith to take over just in case.  They just need a fifth Paladin regardless…