December 6, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Fat Blue Line”

In which Fat Tony and Chief Wiggum both find themselves brought low.

The opening couch gag has the Simpson family recreating the final concert from Bohemian Rhapsody.  Not the whole thing.  It’s just a glimpse.  And it’s the most we see of most of the Simpsons this week for whatever reason.

Instead, this episode is mostly about Chief Wiggum and Fat Tony.

But before that happens, the Simpsons are on their way to the festival of San Castellaneta.

That name sounds familiar.

Anyway, the festival is going well.  Mayor Quimby even gets guest star Jason Momoa to explain what the feast is for.  It’s time for the ceremonial procession where festival-goers attach dollar bills to a statue of Jesus.  Homer wasn’t going to since Jesus’s father is loaded according to the rumor mill, but Marge insists.  And that’s when Homer notices his wallet is missing.

So is everyone else’s.


Quimby asks Momoa to handle it, but he uses the names “Super Fish” and “Wet Panther” to ask for help, so that’s a thing that happened.

Now, normally, we’d have Chief Wiggum on the case.  And normally, we’d never see anyone arrested that way.  So, a specialist comes in.  State investigator Lenora Clark (guest star Dawnn Lewis) promptly shows up and kicks Wiggum out.  She’ll keep Eddie and Lou.  Wiggum only knows Lou’s name anyway, and a depressed Wiggum goes to work out his depression on the firing range.  The Springfield P.D. doesn’t have one of those…

As it is, Clark has a good idea:  she plants a bug on a special wallet and sends the fattest ass in town out to tempt the thief.  Cue Homer coming in with his ass stuck in a park bench…

You know what?  That works.  The thief robs Homer (again), and Clark, Eddie, and Lou find all the missing wallets in a warehouse…just as Fat Tony walks in with his cranky uncle from the old country.  Clark arrests Fat Tony and sends him to jail.  Sure, Tony says he’s innocent, but when has he ever admitted to a crime?

Wait, Joe Mantegna two weeks in a row?  I can handle that.

But Wiggum thinks that’s wrong.  He remembers an old video interview where Fat Tony  said he would never pick a pocket.  Tony’s father died when someone pickpocketed a transplant organ.  That makes perfect sense.

You know, most of this episode deals with Wiggum and Fat Tony feeling low and dejected.  Tony is in prison, but he didn’t do the crime.  Wiggum made a deal with the devil to be chief of police, but still he gets no respect.  The only thing to do is for the two to work together to find the real pickpocket.

Wiggum does so by getting Tony out of prison to confront his gang when they’re having dinner at Luigi’s.  Tony finds out immediately who turned on him by just glaring at Frankie the Squealer.  It was Johnny Tightlips!  That man’s passive aggressiveness and taciturn nature weren’t a sign of loyalty!  A shootout almost happens when the cops and the crooks all confront each other, but the only casualty is Homer.

Homer got shot in the ass when he went looking for more sauce.

Anyway, Clark leaves after saying she thought Wiggum was a terrible cop when she first saw him and then not correcting that.  Wiggum feels pretty low until Marge says she respects him.  So, he feels better now.

You know what?  So do I.

That said, I am way behind on Better Call Saul, so I have no idea if Bob Odenkirk’s brief cameo as a mob lawyer was a reference to Saul Goodman or not.

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