Swamp Thing “Loose Ends”

You know, there was a lot of mystery as to why DC Universe canceled Swamp Thing so quickly.  Different people gave different reasons.  But given how this show had its first season cut off and many plots left unanswered, I think I know why.

Ultimately, the show isn’t very good.

By the by, “Loose Ends”?  Are you kidding me?

Now, much of that comes from the fact that so many questions are left unanswered due to the untimely season shortage and sudden cancellation.

Did Sheriff Cable drown in the back of that police car?  Since the last we see of her is her going underwater and trying to call someone, I don’t know.

Does Maria Sunderland get out of the insane asylum?  She’s still there, so I don’t know.

Did Jason Woodrue’s wife live?  Did Matt Cable after that post-credits teaser with the Floronic Man?  I don’t know because why even bother with a post-credits tease?

Did the Rot infect Avery?  I don’t know.

What role does either Dan Cassidy or the Phantom Stranger play in all this?  I don’t know, but I kinda wish I found out in these cases.

Though using real Blue Devil comics was a nice touch.

What’s up with Abby’s father or that mysterious figure from her nightmares?  I still don’t know.

What does the Conclave want?  Because the show doesn’t say, I don’t know.

Basically, I don’t know a whole lot.

What we have here is like an extended origin story.  Alec Holland becomes the Swamp Thing, and he and Abby decide to defend the swamp from, well, everything evil going on.  We’ll just never see those adventures.

On the one hand, that’s too bad.  On the other, this was clearly a rushed show, and each episode showed some diminishing returns.  The series did get some good atmosphere in, the acting largely worked, and the Swamp Thing make-up was top notch.  It just doesn’t add up to anything.

7.5 out of 10 missed opportunities.

Well, I guess we need something new for Fridays.  How about The Boys?

Because I was probably going to watch it anyway.

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