July 19, 2024

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Merlin “The Diamond Of The Day Part 1”

Series Five, Episode Twelve.

Well, we’re at the end of the road.  Merlin’s worst fears are coming true.  Mordred and Morgana are working together.  They know Merlin is the Emrys.  Merlin and Arthur have to face their destiny.

Say, was Arthur that good a king?

I’m just asking.  Arthur did a lot of good from what we saw.  But this show was always done from Merlin’s point of view.  Since he wasn’t always around, there are a lot of things we haven’t seen.  We’ve been told many times that Arthur and Merlin will make it OK to use magic.  But we haven’t really seen much of that.

So, really, Arthur has a lot of accepting to do in the last two episodes.

Of course, the real problem is Morgana knows two things:  who the Emrys is and how to take someone’s magic away from them.  She has a weird slug thing for the latter.  She has a ninja to drop it off in Merlin’s room for the former.

I don’t think the guy is really a ninja.  He just acted like one.  And Merlin was using his powers to cheat Arthur at dice, so maybe he has it coming.

Sadly, Morgana’s plan worked.  She also has a spy.  Said spy is a comely blonde.  Gwaine rescues her from a rapist in an attack on Arthur’s garrison.  Then he sadly informs her her family didn’t make it since she was the only survivor.  And then he sleeps with her.  Um, is that appropriate?  It’s almost a relief that she is a spy.  Otherwise, man, talk about taking advantage of a woman in mourning…

As it is, now Morgana knows Arthur is heading out to a pass where he can fight a much larger force.  She also knows Merlin is going…somewhere.  She may even know Gwen came along in case her husband doesn’t come back.

Yes, Gaius suggests Merlin can get his powers back at the Crystal Cave.  Gwaine was escorting Merlin there before reporting back for the battle.

Anyway, it does seem as if Morgana is a bit ahead of things.  She got Mordred a dragon-fire enchanted blade.  She knows there’s a footpath she can use to ambush Arthur.  And she can and does trap a powerless Merlin in the cave.

That was her biggest mistake.  Merlin isn’t done.  He sees his father’s ghost, and said ghost said Merlin can’t lose his magic.  He can’t because somehow Merlin is magic.  All he has to do is believe.

Believe?  What is he trying to do? Recharge Voltron?

But it works.  Merlin sees a vision of things and sends Arthur a dream message about the path.

As such, Arthur can set some guys to defend the path, he can go out and meet Moragna’s main force, and Merlin can blast his way out of the cave.  He’s got his old man look back for some reason.

Look, I know Arthur has to die in the next episode, but I will say this:  Morgana is gonna get it for sure.