May 19, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Blackout”

Season Two FInale.

Here we go.  The final battle between Zarkon and Voltron!  That’s what the characters keep saying, so somebody is going down this time!

To be fair, none of the characters knew there were five more seasons after this one.

Alright, we have ourselves a battle for the ages!  Voltron forms, disables Zarkon’s ship, and goes about doing what Voltron does best:  blowing things to bits.

Of course there’s a catch.  For one, Haggar can rally the druids to use magic.  There’s magic in this sci-fi setting?  Sure, why not.  Anyway, the magic drains Voltron of all his power.  And then Zarkon comes out in his own Ro-beast lookalike.

So, to recap, Zarkon has his own giant robot, Voltron is powerless, and Haggar can drain both Voltron and the Paladins at will.

Yeah, this is bad.

Of course, I still don’t get why Zarkon wants Voltron or just the Black Lion.  He’s clearly got a much better robot.  The Paladins aren’t quite good enough to stop him yet.  Seriously, there’s no reason for Zarkon to still want the Black Lion,

Especially when he can still split Voltron into the Lions.  He does that, but only after the Paladins somehow charge Voltron by, um, believing really hard.

What kind of robot is Voltron anyway?

Well, it basically comes down to two people:  Allura and Shiro.  Allura takes some of those Blade guys to take out the druids.  Shiro finally bonds more with the Black Lion, allowing him to somehow pass through Zarkon’s Ro-beast and finally claim the Black Paladin’s Bayard.

From there, Allura discovers Haggar is another Altaean like herself.  So, see where Space Racism gets you?  Galra are allies and other Altaeans are the enemy.  Up is down!  Dogs and cats living together!  Mass hysteria!  Or more proof that Allura was wrong to be a space racist.

As for Voltron, well, once reformed, and with all the Bayards, the Paladins manage to shishkabob Zarkon’s machine, nearly killing him.  Survivors from both sides flee as things start to explode, and everyone limps away.

Zarkon is on life support.  Haggar orders someone to find Prince Lotor.  They should check with the Hill People first.

As for the Paladins, well…Shiro disappeared.  Like, literally.  The Black Lion has no pilot.

I think I see why there may be more seasons to go.