June 2, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Android Invasion Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Android Invasion," Episode One.

Well, after fighting space mummies, what can the Doctor do next?

Battle androids apparently.

Yes, the Doctor and Sarah Jane return to…somewhere.  It’s quiet.  A little too quiet.  As they just missed a guy in uniform jerking through the woods, the pair start to look around.  About the only thing the Doctor knows for certain is they are on Earth.  Because, see, oak trees only grow there.  The pair then find some very unfriendly guys in what looks like radiation suits.  Because friendly people don’t shoot at you with their index fingers.  Seriously, no guns involved.

The pair take off and Sarah Jane almost immediately needs rescuing again because she almost ran off a cliff.  The weird soldier guy did.  Getting down to the bottom, they find the man apparently dead with a pocket full of brand-new coins.  There’s also some kind of metal coffin the Doctor kinda recognizes.  Apparently, if you regenerate enough times, your memories start to run together.  But then the radiation suit jerks show up and start shooting again.  The Doctor and Sarah Jane run some more and find a village.

A very quiet and empty village.  Sarah Jane has been here before.  She remembered she was a journalist because she wrote a story here.  Having nothing better to do, the pair try the pub.  I suppose this is as good a time as any to grab a pint.  Oh, and the register is also full of new money.

But then a truck pulls up and people get off, including the dead guy from before.  These people go into the pub and…wait.  The Doctor says he’s going to make a break for a nearby UNIT HQ, and Sarah Jane says she’ll look around and then maybe go find the TARDIS.  She gets caught (because of course she does), but the formerly quiet residents think she’s part of a test and let her go.

Oh, and outside, a guy in a radiation suit has his helmet open.  He is not a guy.  He seems to be…a robot.

Sarah Jane then gets back to the TARDIS just in time to see it disappear.  And then a guy comes out of a metal coffin thingee and tries to kill her.  She gets away.

As for the Doctor, he discovers UNIT HQ more or less empty.  The Brigadier is out, and when the one-eyed crank who is almost certainly part of this whole evil scheme shows up, we learn the Brigadier is in Geneva and will not be appearing in this serial.  Then Pirate Man arrests the Doctor.

Fortunately, Sarah Jane snuck in to let him out.

Unfortunately, neither saw the creepy alien guy watching them nearby.

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