February 1, 2023

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Swamp Thing “The Anatomy Lesson”

Episode Nine.

Alan Moore’s second issue of his legendary Swamp Thing run was “Anatomy Lesson”.  And with that one issue, Alan Moore turned Swamp Thing the character on his head.  It’s a famous issue for a very good reason.

So, look, we now have an adaptation for it here.

The big idea for this story is Jason Woodrue dissects the captured Swamp Thing and discovers a bit on how the monster’s body works.  Or, more accurately, doesn’t work.  The big reveal to both versions of the story is Swamp Thing is not a mutated Alec Holland.  He’s a plant that believes he is Alec Holland.

Because, well, none of Swamp Thing’s internal organs should actually work.  The show makes it more obvious since Swamp Thing is awake almost the entire time.  Woodrue removes a couple lungs and a heart and…well, Swamp Thing doesn’t die.  Because animal organs do things plants don’t need.  As such, the organs are just for show.

Now, in the original story, Swamp Thing wakes up and frees himself.  Here, it’s Abby, Liz, and someone else.  Abby and Liz manage to track down the monster-nappers.  Oh, sure, if they go on their own, they’ll die.  Because, you know, armed guards.  But there is someone who can help them.

That would be Dan Cassidy.  He’s still in the hospital, but the Phantom Stranger shows up again.  And this time, the Stranger looks a lot more like his comic book self.  Will Dan become the actual Blue Devil to save the girls?

Oh yeah.  It’s rather awesome.

Point is, we see some stuff that won’t go very far since there’s only one episode left.  Avery has his wife committed.  Matt is in a bad place.  And Swamp Thing, back in the swamp, pulls a corpse out of the water.  He says it’s the real Alec Holland.

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