December 1, 2023

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Merlin “The Drawing Of The Dark”

Series Five, Episode Eleven.

Well, we all knew Mordred would go bad eventually.  This episode shows how it happens.

It’s kinda dumb on his part.

See, Mordred is in love.  We’ve seen characters just fall in love before.  Heck, Merlin fell madly in love with what turned out to be the Lady in the Lake rather instantaneously.  I hate that trope.  Merlin this time avoids that because the woman we see is someone Mordred has known for years.  Her name is Kara.  She’s a druid…and a murderer.

Yeah, here’s where I see some problems.

Mordred does some small things to help her.  This comes after someone hits her with an arrow after a violent theft.  There’s still some probable deniability there.  But as Mordred and Kara reacquaint themselves, he should see some warning signs.

By the by, Arthur and Merlin find her later.  One of her first actions is to try to kill Arthur.

Now, Mordred is a good knight up until this point.  He keeps hearing Kara say how corrupt Camelot is.  How Arthur needs to die.  And so forth.

Furthermore, we see more and more instances of Kara getting a possible break.  And she always makes it worse for herself.  And Mordred watches her do it.

He even breaks her out of prison and watches her kill a guard.

He asks Arthur for mercy.  Arthur can’t give it, not because she’s a druid or anything, but because she tried to murder him.

Heck, Arthur even offers her her life if she just shows a little remorse.

She refuses this!

Mostly because she seems to blame Arthur for stuff that seems to be Uther’s doing.  I’ve said it before and may say it again:  Uther was this show’s ultimate villain.  Everything that went wrong is Uther’s fault.

And for that, Mordred busts out of jail with his own magic, goes to see Morgana, and tells her Merlin is the Ermrys.

Mordred, she wasn’t worth it.

Oh well.  On to the two-part finale.