September 25, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Best Laid Plans”

Season Two, Episode Twelve.

Here we go.  After a few episodes of planning, we finally see the Paladins actually execute the plan.

There are a few hitches, of course.

The biggest hitch is Haggar and her druids captured that Blade of Marmora spy.  He needs to power down something in Zarkon’s ship in order for the other Marmorans to implant a virus.  Without that, Allura can’t use her Magic Princess Portal Powers to suck Zarkon’s flagship into deserted part of the galaxy away from his forces.  Then Voltron can’t, like, step on him or something.

Well, if someone needs to shut things down, maybe Keith can do it.  He’s still part Galran.  The systems do respond to him.  And since the Blade guys are looking to back out, he will go.  And heck, Allura will even apologize to him for being a huge racist.

See, you shouldn’t judge the entire Galran race based on one warlord.

Anyway, Keith goes in while Shiro acts as bait.  Zarkon really wants that Black Lion.  The problem for Keith is, he can’t get into the system.  Fortunately, the spy got loose to help.  Unfortunately, that was part of a trap, and Keith saves the guy long enough for him to do what he has to.

As for Shiro, he needs help slowing Zarkon down.  You’d think he wouldn’t since he seems to be blowing ships up left and right, but he does.  That would be when Pidge, Hunk, and Lance show up to shoot more ships.  Somehow, though, Zarkon still has ships left.

I mean, I know logically there are only four Lions and who-knows-how-many-ships, but the point stands.  Ships keep exploding.  Lions keep flying away.  How are there still ships left?

As it is, Keith and the spy do rig the system to explode.  Keith escapes while the spy sacrifices himself.  The wormhole opens, Zarkon’s ship is zapped away, and the Paladins form Voltron.

Oh man, this looks like…wait, the episode is over?

OK, I guess I’ll wait.