April 17, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “God Bless The Child”

Season Three, Episode Four.

I’m starting to actively wonder about June on this show.  She seems…invincible?  OK, not quite, but she does seem to be able to go a lot of things for no clear reason.  I know she’s the main character, but I can’t help but feel like she gets to do a little too much on this show, stuff should get her in a lot more trouble than it does.

So, beyond a subplot where poor, mentally scarred Emily reunites with her estranged wife and son, most of this episode is set at a party.  The party is in Gilead.  You already know what that means.  It won’t be fun for anyone.

The point of celebration is something to dedicate children.  Yes, it sounds terrible.  In fact, it is terrible.  June keeps flashing back to Hannah’s baptism.  Sure, June herself doesn’t seem to be religious, but Luke wanted it done.  Plus, Moira was there and no one got struck by lightning.  Point is, it was joyful.  Meanwhile, the much more crowded event in Gilead doesn’t help out much of anyone.  Plus, the Putnams are having people over, and they even invited Aunt Lydia and the handmaids.

None of those women can enter certain rooms, including Aunt Lydia.

Oh, and someone brought Janine along.  While Mrs. Putnam may be glad to see June, seeing as how June stopped Janine from killing herself and the baby, seeing Janine is another story.

And yes, Janine will try to get herself reassigned to the Putnams, even mentioning the baby is hers.  That earns her a viscous beating from Aunt Lydia, one that only stops when June gets between the two.  So, that ruined that party.  Hard to say who was worse.  Probably Aunt Lydia.  She’s always The Worst.

She also, oddly enough, knows what the handmaids think of her.

So, anyway, that’s one piece of plot armor.  The next?  Somehow June ends up acting as a go-between to reconcile Serena Joy (runner-up for “The Worst”) and Fred (winner of “Most Pathetic”).  It seems to actually work.

And finally, the authority types ask June to look at a video of Luke.  He’s at a protest with Serena’s “baby”.  Can June identify the man they have already identified?  Yes.  Well, she sure does get around.

You know, the original novel has an added ending where historians far in the future look over June’s words and try to figure out who she is.  They can’t find anything.  She isn’t the one who overthrew Gilead.  But we can’t have something like that here, so…