Swamp Thing “Long Walk Home”

Avery Sunderland has a gunshot wound.  He’s bleeding.  His only protection is a small knife.  And he’s in the middle of the swamp.  He believes he can walk out of there and go home.

Man, I wouldn’t like those odds even if he was just in a normal swamp.

Instead, we should take a minute to look over who is and isn’t still in Marais.  Abby went back to Atlanta with a Rot sample.  Her boss is…wait, her boss is Adrienne Barbeau?  From the original Swamp Thing movie?  OK, now you have my attention.

Granted, they always had my attention.  It makes it easier to write these things.

But there are problems at the CDC.  Abby’s sample goes somewhere even she can’t go to look into it, plus her boss is mad because Abby didn’t spend much time in the hospital treating people for that weird outbreak.  Instead, Abby went off all over the place.  Her assistant Harlan can’t back Abby up either because, well, all that is true.

OK, she can’t really argue there.  And she does spill all the beans to Harlan later that night in her apartment over wine.

Then some guys kidnap Harlan off a street.  Abby might have known that if she’d just turned around and looked out her own freakin’ window.  She gets a bigger hint of weird stuff when the Conclave guy comes to talk to her at the CDC the next day.  Does the Conclave only have one guy?  Whatever, she splits to go back to Marais and warn Alec since the Conclave seems to know a lot about him already.

Back in the swamp, Avery hallucinates more stuff, like how a tree ripped his daddy apart because everyone on this show must have daddy issues.  He might die, but Swamp Thing finds him and takes him back to Holland’s lab to heal.  Avery says he’ll try to cure Alec despite Alec being really, really mad at the guy who tried to kill him.  And Avery might have meant it.  But his first stop is to see Woodrue.  Woodrue doesn’t think they should cure Alec.  He’s too valuable as a walking producer for Big Pharma.

As a result, Avery and Woodrue try talking Alec into coming in for some tests.  Swamp Thing doesn’t go for that.  As such, time for Plan B.  That would be using cold chemicals and a shotgun to freeze the Swamp Thing and take him back to the lab anyway.

Now, this is all well and good, but is this show going anywhere?  The answer to that is probably “no” for obvious reasons, but can I really get…wait, the next episode is called “Anatomy Lesson”…

OK, I’m still on board.

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