May 19, 2024

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Merlin “The Kindness Of Strangers”

Series Five, Episode Ten.

I have noted many times that Morgana’s accent slips when she is being extra evil.

Well, in this episode, she mentions looking forward to torturing someone, and she sounds like she’s been possessed by a leprechaun.

Just sayin’.

Anyway, Morgana wandered into Camelot and captured Alator.  That would be the mystic who tortured Merlin’s name out of Gaius.  But then Alator realized Merlin was a force for good and decided not to tell Morgana.  Apparently, that didn’t work out to well for Morgana, so she captured the guy.  Now, she’s going to use torture to get the information out of him.

Merlin gets a hint that’s happening when he finds a clue after setting up a picnic for Arthur and Gwen.

By the by, torturing a guy who knows torture very well on a fantasy series doesn’t seem like something that should work out at all.

I am very right about that.

The long and the short of it is Morgana can’t get the information out of Alator.  But Alator did somehow tell somebody.  He told his assistant Finna.  Finna told Merlin, and the two try to rescue Alator.

By then, Morgana, being a sensible woman, has already killed Alator, figuring she can get the information from Finna.  Morgana, as we can see, is full of terrible ideas in this episode.  For despite Arthur and the knights’ vigilance, Merlin and Finna manage to slip away and find Morgana’s men.  They wound Merlin, but Finna helps him escape and borrows Merlin’s sword.  Why?  So she can kill herself when Morgana shows up.  So, once again, Morgana doesn’t find out who the Emyrs is.  As such, she declares war on Camelot.

Um, she hadn’t done that before?  What’s the difference?  She’s been invading the place for the better part of the last two series to take the crown.  Is she just not going to be subtle about it anymore?  Was she ever subtle?  Oh well…

Now, I will note two things of potential consequence.  One is the Great Dragon, after carrying Merlin to safety, shows he’s getting old and won’t be around much longer.

The other is Merlin did get a warning about Mordred.  Despite helping Merlin slip away to help Finna, Mordred is bad news.

Yes, he will be the cause of Arthur’s fall.

His name is MORE DREAD.  Cripes, some people are thick.

So, here we are in the show’s homestretch.  Will Mordred be bad news?

Um, obviously.  Still, he’s OK for now.  Something must set him off…