April 21, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Stayin’ Alive”

Season Two, Episode Eleven.

Well, things almost went smoothly this time for our heroes.  Almost.

Lousy Robeasts…

Yes, this time we’re going with Allura on her mission to get a very large crystal from the Balmera.  She’s in contact with Coran, and he’s, well, nothing exciting seems to be going on there.  How typical.

Anyway, the Balmerans are always glad to see the Paladins and their sponsors, and Allura is a polite person as long as you’re not the slightest bit of a Galra.

Because she’s still a space racist.

Point is, getting the crystal is fairly easy.  The Balmera is glad to help as are the Balmerans themselves.  So are the people from the cube-making planet where Coran went, but again, nothing exciting is going on there.

But then something unexpected happens.  That Robeast with all the eyes wakes up and smashes his way back to the surface, now with some crystals that act as shields.  Time to call in the Paladins.

You know, the last time we saw this multi-eyed clown, he was highly formidable and Voltron barely beat him.  Actually, technically, the Balmera beat him.  Now we have a case where there are five Paladins, but only two with Lions.  Can they…

Wait, this time they made it look easy.  Lance used the freeze canon, Pidge tied it up in roots, Shiro called out orders, and even Hunk knows his Lion well enough that when the monster forces the Yellow Lion to shut down for a bit, it’s only temporary.  Once Voltron forms, the thing is history.  It looked easy.

Except Allura still doesn’t trust Keith because she’s still a space racist.

Anyway, everything seems to be coming together now.  The Paladins are winning.  They have a plan to bring down Zarkon, and then they can probably all go their separate ways.  What can go wrong?

Well, Haggar can find the Blade of Marmora spy in Zarkon’s fleet and take him off to torture.

OK, maybe it ain’t so easy.