May 22, 2024

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Big Little Lies “Tell-Tale Hearts”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Well, this series may actually be living up to its title more with the second season.  The women all have some secrets and lies they tell, and it’s tearing them apart!

Well, most of them to one degree or another.  Who will crack first?

The top suspects for cracking would seem to be Bonnie and Celeste.  And both of them are dealing with mothers right now.  Celeste has Mary Louise.  Celeste opts to tell her mother-in-law about how bad Perry was.  You know, the abuse, Jane’s rape, and all that.  And Mary Louise…doesn’t believe it.  I’m not exactly shocked there since Perry was obviously her son.  Mothers can’t always believe that sort of thing.

Did she need to victim blame Jane?  No.  No, she did not.

But she also asked questions that victims of domestic abuse are often asked.  Stuff like why Celeste didn’t go to the police, or how much else Celeste is hiding from the police.  Because clearly Mary Louise wants to go to the police.

As for Bonnie, her husband Nathan knows how fragile marriage is from personal experience and calls Bonnie’s own New Age parents over.  That never goes well.

However, other secrets hurt other people.  Ed finds out some doozies, such as how Perry fathered Jane’s kid.  Now, Ed doesn’t victim blame, but he is mad Madeline didn’t tell him.  Their daughter did.  Likewise, Madeline’s other daughter lets slip that Madeline cheated on him.  Oh man.  Will this be the marriage that falls apart?

Nah, that may be Renata’s since her husband got arrested for insider trading with all of their money.  Why anyone would mess with a Laura Dern character I don’t know.

About the only one who seems to be doing OK is Jane.  Confronted by the fact that Chloe told Ziggy and the twins they have the same father, she opts to tell Ziggy the truth.  What a concept!    While Celeste isn’t initially happy about all that, she comes around and the boys all meet as brothers.  That’s nice.

But wait…in that flashback, Perry mentions he had a twin brother who died very young.  Did Perry kill that kid when he was also a kid?  Because that would be pretty dark even for a show about people hiding a murder.