Swamp Thing “Brilliant Disguise”

No, Alec Holland is not human again.

Yes, Avery Sunderland knows how to make enemies.

Yeah, those two sentences may more or less sum up episode seven.  We saw Swamp Thing form a weird flower last episode, and then Abby saw a very human Alec.  But everyone involved knows he’s still not human.  It’s just a hallucination.  Weird flowers can do that.

But hey, in human form, the two can talk a bit, Alec can summon a multi-fruit tree, and he can say that as part of The Green he has a new mission.  He has to do something about The Rot.  That’s deep in the swamp apparently.  Abby wants to go there because it’s really dangerous but might have potential cures for the town’s sick.  It doesn’t.  Not really.  Well, it might.  Mostly it infects Abby and Alec heals her.

Granted, she sees him as Swamp Thing again when he heals her.  The form he takes in her hallucinations depends on what she needs out of him at any given moment.  Mostly she sees Human Alec Holland.  She even makes out with him a bit.  But he’s still Swamp Thing, so when it comes time to drive The Rot out of her, we see the monster man.

That plot line ends with Alec telling Abby she needs to leave town for good.  She’s going to, probably, with her sample of Bad Rot Stuff that she can take to Atlanta for further study.

As for Avery, well, Mama Cable isn’t happy Matt was doing Avery’s dirty work, so the two Cables take Avery out into the swamp to, apparently, kill him.  It doesn’t quite work out.  Matt learns Avery is his real daddy, and that leads to a good father-son stabbing.  And since hurting her boy is one of Sheriff Cable’s buttons, she shoots her sometime paramour several times and lets him hit the water to drown in the swamp.

Back at Stately Sunderland Manor, we see Maria is entertaining a representative of the Conclave with news on Jason Woodrue’s Magical Serum O’ Plenty.  So, like, who needs Avery?

Then again, we later find out Maria hired the Sheriff to do the killing.  And they aren’t exactly friends, but they do have a mutual hate for Avery, who I am sure is dead and gone now.

Just kiddin’.  He’s wandering out the swamp himself now.  Who’s that guy he found?  That looks…problematic.

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