May 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “Terror Of The Zygons Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor. "Terror of the Zygons," Episode One.

Well, it’s time for the Doctor to visit a new an exotic place, the likes of which he has never visited before.

I am apparently referring to Scotland.  Hey, he got himself a tartan version of his scarf for this trip.

Yes, there’s a problem in Scotland.  The Brigadier is investigating with UNIT, and Sergeant Benton is fairly amused by the bagpipes the UNIT landlord keeps playing.  What’s the problem?  Oh, something is destroying offshore oil rigs, leaving behind no survivors.  Because if we have to go to Scotland, there better be problems with things in water.  It’s, like, a rule.  And sure enough, the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry arrive by hitchhiking their way in.  I guess the Doctor doesn’t have his own bright yellow car anymore since he possibly left the keys in a previous body’s pocket.

I know it probably doesn’t work that way.

But hey, the man who drove them into town is the local Duke. He’s not a happy man since the oil company hired away all his servants.  Am I supposed to feel bad for him?

I’ll tell you who else doesn’t like oil rigs.  The Doctor.  He wants to know why humanity doesn’t have, like, cold fusion or something much cleaner.  So do I, Doctor.  So do I.  But after some grumbling and complaining, he agrees to help out.  Harry heads down to the shore to look around.  Sarah Jane remembers she’s a journalist and goes off to interview the locals.   And the Doctor looks at the wreckage of the destroyed rigs.  Those bits all have tooth marks on them…

However, something happens to Harry.  He finds a survivor floating in on some wreckage, but then a sniper kills the man and grazes Harry’s forehead.  Getting shot is never fun, so Harry goes to the hospital.  And while the Doctor and Sarah Jane check in on him, I gotta say that nurse is acting a little suspicious.

Maybe that’s why something that looks like a living octopus tentacle comes after Sarah Jane in the hallway.  She might have seen it coming if she wasn’t on the phone with the Doctor updating Harry’s condition.

You know, those things popped up throughout the episode.  I’m guessing those are the Zygons of the serial title.  They look like something I’d call a Zygon.