July 13, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Escape from Beta Traz”

Season Two, Episode Ten.

For the next part of the multi-mission quest chain to take out Zarkon, we have Pidge, Lance, and Shiro conducting a prison break.

Since those things never work quite right, we should expect something to go wrong.  Otherwise, there’s no drama.

Lance, Pidge, and Shiro arrive at the infamous space prison Beta Traz.  That name sounds familiar some how.  Like, it’s close to something.  Eh, I’ll figure it out later.  First, Lance has to shoot some trackers onto the prison.  After all, he is the team’s marksman.

He is?  News to me and Pidge.

After some high speed space flight that I think I saw in a new Star Trek movie, Shiro and Pidge get into the prison and open a door long enough for Lance to fly the Blue Lion inside.  Now the team just has to find and rescue the super-genius inside.  That shouldn’t be too hard.  There’s only one prisoner in the whole prison.

Or so it would seem until Pidge discovers a second occupied cell.  That would require Shiro and Lance to each rescue one prisoner.  One of them must be the guy they need.  Plus, the warden seems to be torturing both of them.  That’s not cool.

OK, so, here’s where things get weird and bad.  Shiro’s rescue does seem to be some kind of genius, but he also keeps calculating probabilities where all manner of things are deadly, sometimes in alternate realities.  Getting that guy to go anywhere might take a while.

As for Lance, the fellow he finds sure does seem agreeable.  Lance asks if he’s the prisoner Lance needs, and the guy says, “Yup!”

He actually says that word quite a bit.  Does he even know other words?  It doesn’t matter much.  The guy sure does tell Lance to buck up a bit.  After all, if Lance isn’t the team marksman, what is he?  Pidge is the hacker, Hunk is the chef/repair guy, Keith is the fighter, and Shiro is the leader.  There must be something that makes him special.

Oh, and then Pidge finds evidence her brother escaped a Galra prison somewhere.

But now it all comes to a head.  Who actually rescued the right scientist?  Obviously Shiro did.  The “Yup” guy is the warden’s pet.  The warden wasn’t abusing his pet.  He was playing with him.  Big difference.

Escape is a lot more difficult, but it mostly works out when Pidge cuts off the gravity, and Nervous Scientist Guy opens an air lock.  Plus, it turns out Lance is the team marksman according to Shiro.  That’s good because Shiro is the only one whose opinion matters there anyway.  Lance shoots the Scientist free and the Blue Lion flies away.  Heck, even the warden doesn’t seem too mad since he got his pet back.

Never underestimate how much people love their pets.