July 16, 2024

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Doctor Who “Revenge Of The Cybermen Part 4”

The Fourth Doctor. "Revenge of the Cybermen," Final Episode.

Well, time for the Doctor to save the day.  Though in this episode, he does take a minute to be miffed when someone calls him a human.

But first, when last we saw the Doctor, a rockslide had knocked him out and Harry was trying to remove the explosive harness.  Such a move would be bad because then the harness would explode early.  Fortunately, one of the other guys wired to explode stops him.  Then the Doctor wakes up, asks Harry if Harry caused the rockslide (he did) and if Harry tried to remove the harness (he did).  As such, the Doctor calls him an imbecile very loudly.

However, not all is lost.  Harry’s expedition through the side tunnel gives the Doctor an idea.  Sending the older crewman on ahead to distract the Cybermen, he, Harry, and the younger crewman get some gold dust on their hands.  Then they sneak behind the two Cybermen who beamed down with them.  It turns out you can kill a Cyberman by just rubbing gold dust on their joints.  That means that the Doctor can turn off all the explosives and Harry doesn’t have anything else to do in this episode.

But then someone has to rescue Sarah Jane.  She’s on the Nerva with the Cybermen.  And when the Cybermen see the bombs didn’t work, they come up a new plan.  Now they’ll just overload the Nerva was explosives and ram Voga.  Problem solved.  OK, that’s only a problem for the Cybermen, but it would solve their problem.

Sarah Jane’s plan to stop them seems to consist of running at them while shouting, “NO!”

Yeah, that doesn’t work.

By then, the Doctor has learned where she went, so he gets 15 minutes from the Vogans before they fire their rocket.  He manages to get a bottle of gold, then beams back to the Nerva.  Fortunately, the Cybermen are missing.  Sarah Jane isn’t.  She tells him the Cybermen’s plan.  He comes up with one of his own.  First, he loads the Cybermat with gold and has it bite one Cyberman.  That takes out…one.  With the Cybermat and more hands filled with gold, he tries to take the control room.  But that doesn’t work, and the Cybermen tie the Doctor and Sarah Jane up before leaving the Nerva.

And by then, the Vogans have fired the rocket.  There’s more Vogan drama, but I don’t care about that.  With the Vogan who designed the rocket dead, can the Doctor still save the day?

Yeah.  It’s not that hard for him.  He somehow tells Harry how to redirect the rocket into the Cybermen’s ship without being able to see it.  And then he overrides the Cybermen’s directional locks on the Nerva to prevent a crash.  The Cybermen explode, Voga doesn’t, and peace returns to that planet.

And hey, the TARDIS pops up when all that is over, followed shortly by Harry.  So, now the group can leave without politely saying goodbye to everyone.