July 16, 2024

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Doctor Who “Genesis Of The Daleks Part 6”

The Fourth Doctor. "Genesis of the Daleks," Finale Episode.

A friend explained to me today (July 9th actually) why the Fourth Doctor spends so much time unconscious.  Basically, the Fourth Doctor is unflappable.  Nothing really throws him off his game.  As such, narratively speaking, the only way to slow him down and toss some complications into the plot is to knock him out.

That actually makes sense.

But here we are at the end of Doctor Who Origins: Daleks, and the Doctor has to make a decision.  He gets the baby Daleks off himself.  He has set the explosives.  All he needs to do is connect two wires and blow the Daleks up before they can really do anything aside from the handful that are already running around.

And he isn’t sure he can do it.

For one, it’s genocide.  Yes, the Daleks are evil on every level, but they’re still thinking creatures.  Sarah Jane urges the Doctor to just stick the two wires together.  But what about the good the Daleks inadvertently caused?  Various civilizations formed alliances against the Daleks they otherwise maybe wouldn’t.  Can the Doctor take the chance that wiping out the things before they even get started is actually for the greater good?

In the end, a Kaled shows up to say Davros has surrendered and everything is working out.  The Doctor yanks his wiring free and they all head off to see…Davros stalling.  He wants to know who is really on his side.  The Doctor, Harry, and Sarah Jane use the time to get all the Doctor’s stuff back.

From there, things go badly for almost everyone involved.  The Doctor does destroy the tape he made describing future Dalek defeats, and then comes word the Thals and the Mutos are ready to blow up the bunker and seal the Daleks, Davros, and surviving Kaleds inside.  The Doctor then opts to blow up the Dalek infirmary anyway, but he’s stopped by a Dalek that maybe does the job for him.

As for Davros, the guy I kept calling a dick in the last episode’s write-up, he discovers that when you program a new lifeform to see no one as superior, well, that means they see no one as superior even if you bred the damn things.

So, yeah.  The Daleks murder their own creator.  I’m sure we will never see that guy again.

By the by, in Davros’ case, “dick” is shorthand for “genocidal megalomaniac”.

So the Doctor, Harry, and Sarah Jane get out of the bunker just as the Thals blow the thing up.  The explosion seals the Daleks inside.  The Daleks had already killed all the remaining Kaleds anyway.  And yes, the Daleks promise to “exterminate” whatever they can as soon as they find a way out.

And that’s that.  The Doctor gathers his human companions around as they go back to where he parked the TARDIS.  Did he accomplish his mission?  He says he did.  The Dalek evolution was at least delayed.  I don’t know on my end.  It looks like he just set them up to be where they are when he met them the first time.

Time travel is weird.